Manarola is one of the five picturesque towns of the Cinque Terre

It is impossible not to fall in love in Italy’s colorful dream, the seaside village Manarola. Google photo of Manarola with a view of magnificent houses in pink, yellow, and orange, built one above the other on a cliff overlooking the Ligurian Sea, you perceive the Italian village as something fabulous. Manarola looks amazing on professional Italian photos, but to see this fabulous town in person is something incredible.

Colored architecture and rocky landscapes

Cinque Terre or “Five Lands” consists of five fishing villages located on the cliffs along the rock. In 1997, the Cinque Terre National Park was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it is full of visitorseven in the off-season period. Manarola in Italy is one of five cozy towns located on the rocks in the Cinque Terre. Following the trail on a map in Italy, Manarola is located after Riomaggiore, then Cornelius, Vernazza, and Monterosso. These five picturesque cities offer a unique and charming panorama of tradition, landscapes, and culture along the coast of Italy.

Since the villages are very close to each other, they can be visited in just one day. Nevertheless, I recommend staying in Manarola for at least one or two nights, as this makes it possible to explore all five towns at a more relaxed pace, especially in the mornings and evenings when tourists leave. The silence that sets in Manarola when the streets are empty and the flickering lights begin to flash gives another perspective to this charming land.

Manarola is a cozy island on a map of Italy

Manarola is famous for its wine productsin Italy. The name itself proves the agricultural origin of the town, which went hand in hand with the fishing past. The word Manarola comes from the dialect phrase “mill wheel”.

The photo of Manarola in Italy shows how picturesque agriculture, located on a hillside, surrounds a hidden and isolated city. As in all small cities, there are many picturesque trails on the map of Manarola in Italy, which are great for those who are looking for special views, photographs, and prefer to enjoy walks in nature. Many trails in the area lead to local vineyards and olive groves.