Specific features of the climate and weather of Montenegro

Черногорский климат - погодные условия страны

Montenegro has a quite diverse climate all around the country. The climate on the coast is very much different from the climate deep inland.

The northern part of the country is moderate continental, and the part close to the Adriatic shore is subtropical Mediterranean.

  • On the seashore it is always several degrees warmer than in the central regions. On the shore the summer is long and dry with temperatures rising over 30 degrees. The winters are short, without much snow and very humid.
  • In the central part the summer is cooler and short and the winter is longer, with a lot of snow. Here winter tourism is well developed and skiing season is quite long: from mid-November until the end of March.

The beach season in Montenegro starts in the middle of April and lasts until the end of October. Numerous beaches with great infrastructure wait for tourists, and the sea can be as warm as 26 degrees.

The best time for visiting Montenegro is from May to October: the weather is warm and dry, and the sea is calm and pleasant.

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