What people eat in Montenegro

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Popular Montenegrin alcoholic beverages

Each country has its own peculiarities in producing alcoholic beverages, and Montenegro is no exception. The Mediterranean climate only contributes to growing grapes – the basis for most traditional alcoholic beverages that have long became souvenirs and are very popular.
Montenegro is famous for a healthy cult of alcohol, so do not miss the opportunity to learn about everything closer!

Cult of Hospitality in Montenegro
Национальное гостеприимство черногорцев

If you want to better learn the customs and traditions of the state, you need to try its national cuisine. This is how you can feel the depth of national customs.

It is necessary to note that Montenegrins are extremely hospitable. Tourists are accepted in a quite warm manner as if they were old acquaintances both at home and in an ordinary street restaurant. Peculiarities of the Montenegrin hospitality →