Montenegro entry regulations

Путешествие в Черногорию - правила въезда в страну

Before going to any country, it is recommended to read entry regulations and look through import restrictions for food and goods, local laws and traditions.

Being aware of those things may save you from unpleasant surprises or troubles while at the borders.

  • If you plan to visit Montenegro, you should have a valid foreign passport with its expiry date of at least 2 weeks after your return.
  • Even if you have not booked a room and do not have a tourist voucher, a passport and a return ticket would be enough to present at the border.
    However, in this case you shall be obliged to register in your hotel within 24 hours (or in the apartment you are renting) for the duration of your stay in Montenegro.
  • Also, you will have to pay a tourist tax, which is 1 euro per person per day.

Tourist registration is usually done at a tourism office, a tourism organization or any police office by a foreign citizens inspector.

Pet travel rules in Montenegro

If you want your pet (a cat or a dog) to accompany you on your trip, you must have a vet certificate stating the medical condition of your pet, its origin, and absence of rabies.

The certificate should be issued by an official veterinary institution. At the airport in Europe and Montenegro the pet will pass a medical control. More information about pet travel can be obtained from your airlines.

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