Rent a car in Montenegro – a journey that suits every pocket and taste

Аренда машины в Черногории

While earlier tourists, traveling to rest abroad, moved around the foreign territory only by organized excursion groups, on a separate bus and accompanied by a guide, today car rental in Montenegro provides the widest choice of routes and facilities.

If you do not want to make your own wish-list of sights – the agencies are at your service. If you want, you may comprehend the everyday life of the local people, using public transport; if you want, you may travel by motorcycle, bicycle, or even hitch-hiking. If you love comfort and safety, then rent a car.

Numerous companies provide the possibility of early booking by phone or via the Internet, as well as ordering a car upon arrival, on site.

If you love comfort and safety, then rent a car!

Depending on the plans and features of the nature of the potential tenant, the choice of models varies:

  • When traveling with children, if possible, reasonably and calmly, you should choose a compact car with a roomy trunk and a special car seat.
  • Versatile and roomy minivans are offered for numerous families.
  • If you like to indulge yourself, you will be offered expensive VIP-class cars equipped with the latest industrial developments.
  • If you dream of a beautiful Grace Kelly-styled photo shoot in an open car, take a cabriolet for 1-2 days, put on a hat and a silk scarf, and go along the sea … There will be enough impressions for a long time!

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Should I book a car in advance?

The first question that arises for a person who is going to rest and eager to ride a rented car: is it worth booking and paying for everything in advance via the Internet? Will it be safer, and most importantly – cheaper?

As experience shows, early booking is really beneficial only if you are interested in a particular car make, color, and year of manufacture. Something rare, something that may simply be unavailable on site.

If the requirements are moderate and simple, you should not worry about the car – in any large village, near hotels and beaches, there will always be a couple of offices with attentive and polite staff.

Documents required for renting a car in Montenegro

The documents required for renting a car in MontenegroIf you are going to rent a car, your age should exceed 21 years. It is worth noting that age requirements may vary (up), which depends on the category of the desired car.

Those who have not reached the threshold of 25 years may be subject to additional requirements for payment of services.

Driving experience must be at least 1 year.

When renting a car, you must provide:

  • international passport;
  • driver’s license;
  • international driver’s license (it is required not everywhere, but still better to stock the documents);
  • a credit card in the driver’s name (recommended are VISA/MASTERCARD/American Express); and
  • money that may be required as a deposit (the average amount is 300 €).

Everything about insurance

Renting a car, do not forget about insurance. Be sure to check if it provides for the following:

  1. Collision Damage Waiver – CDW);
  2. Theft Waiver – TW;
  3. Third Party Liability Insurance – TPL.

Remember: the windshield and tires (wheels) are never included in the insurance on the territory of Montenegro!

There is also the concept of “insurance deductible”.
For those who are not familiar with it, let us explain: the insurance deductible is, in fact, the value of the personal liability of the tenant for the car. In case of damage to the vehicle by third parties, in an accident and force majeure circumstances, the insurance company pays only the sum which exceeds the deductible amount. The rest is to be reimbursed by the tenant.
The amount of the insurance deductible in the EU countries varies. While in Spain it is almost zero, in Italy it is as much as € 900!
The average deductible amount in Montenegro is 200 € or 20% of the total damage.

Prices and terms of car rental in Montenegro

The car must be returned fill a full tankThe average price of a daily car rental in the cities of Montenegro in the peak tourist season is 50 €..

  • In the office, you will be provided with a car with a full tank. You must return it in the same condition. The price of gasoline in Montenegro is about 1.5 € per liter.
  • The tenant shall pay for the gasoline separately, as well as parking, and all sorts of fines, of course.
  • When planning to travel outside of Montenegro and visit the neighboring countries in a rented car, be sure to notify the company’s employees. Check if the terms of the contract you have signed allow for it.
  • Rental companies provide a “one-way” service – one-way rental with the possibility of dropping off the car in the city of Montenegro different from the city you got it, and even in another state. But it costs much more than regular rent.
  • The mileage is not limited by the terms of the contract.
  • Smoking in any and all rented cars is strictly prohibited.
In Montenegro, as in other countries, there are free and paid parking. Find out the cost in advance!
For the wrong parking, your car will be instantly sent to the car park. Towing services are not cheap – about 85 €. You can pay the fine within 8 days, if not, the documents are sent to the court, where the amount already rises to 150 €. The daily fee is 5 €..

Traffic rules on roads: features of Montenegro

Traffic rules for driving in Montenegro

  1. The dipped beam should be switched on on all roads without exception (the fine is 30 €);
  2. While driving, the driver must not use a mobile phone without hands-free (the fine is 20 €);
  3. Driving without a seat belt (for the driver and passengers equally) (the fine is from 40 to 100 €);
  4. Overtaking near the prohibition signs, the crossing of a white line (the fine is from 50 to 150 €);
  5. Overspeeding 90 km/h outside populated areas and 60 km/h on their territory (the fine is from 50 €);
  6. A child under 5 years old without a special chair (the fine is 80 €);
  7. A child under 12 years old in the front seat (the fine is 150 €).

The permissible rate of alcohol in the driver’s blood is 0.3 ppm. The fines for the slightest violation are atrocious (from 200 to 2,000 €).

Formally, road officials are not allowed to charge fines on the spot. The payment system is a complex and long-term. But sometimes you can try to negotiate, bypassing the established rules, and paying in cash.

The Tivat airport on the map of MontenegroTo determine the route of travel in a rented car, see the Tivat Airport on the map of Montenegro.

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Car rental in Tivat

Tivat is the smallest administrative center of Montenegro. Its area is only 46 sq. km. Despite its small size, it is full of sights and natural beauties. In addition, there is one of the two international airports in the state.

The car can be delivered directly to the airport on the day of your arrival.

You can book a car in advance, and it will be delivered to the Tivat Airport for free. Also, you can rent a car in Tivat directly at the airport.

To enter into a rental agreement, you must have an international driving license. Typically, a deposit is charged for the car rental, whose size varies depending on the class of the car you have chosen.

Car rental in Budva

The serpentine road in the city of Bar in MontenegroBar is a noisy, commercial, and tourist attractive town. In a rented car on high-quality serpentine roads, you can get to almost any place in Montenegro in 20-40 minutes.

  • The speed limit in the city is 50 km/h.
  • On the motorways, it is 130 km/h.

Unlike the provincial villages, where gas stations are a rarity and their working hours are not regulated, here you will have no problems with them.

Car rental in Kotor

The main monopolist car rental company in this city is Kotor Rent a Car. In addition, on the territory, you can find the offices of the international Europcar, Sixt and Avis, as well as rental brokers such as Drivebookers and Euroavtoprokat.

Car rental is especially attractive there since the population of Kotor is small; therefore, public transport does not form a mega-network. Time intervals between buses can be an hour or more.

Car rental in Budva

Unfortunately, the maritime Budva, famous for its beaches and fish restaurants, cannot boast of fashionable shops and mega-malls.

Tourists have to travel to Bar and Podgorica to buy clothes, accessories, and gastronomic delights. This is convenient to do in a rented car. Taxis are very expensive here. The quality of the roads, the number of signs duplicated in English, and the courtesy of local drivers will make an independent rest ideally comfortable.

Car rental in Petrovac

This town has a sufficient number of free parking. If you prefer to leave the car on the paid parking lots, please note that here too no one officially bears the responsibility for it.

In places with a barrier, parking costs 1 € per hour and 4 € per night. Regular paid parking will cost tenants from 20 to 50 cents per 1 hour, while at the seaside it will cost at least 80 cents.

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