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Holidays on the Adriatic: when is it better to go?
Holidays on the Adriatic when is it better to go

Stunningly beautiful coastline along the Adriatic Sea, with comfortable water temperature, much more natural beauty than you can imagine, and a huge variety of entertainment, this coast is an extremely underestimated place in all European countries. Let’s find out when to send on holidays on the Adriatic Read more

The best beaches of Montenegro – the place of your dreamsThe best beaches of Montenegro – the place of your dreams
пляжи Черногории

Once the former part of Yugoslavia and now independent Montenegro is called one of the most environmentally friendly European countries. People from all over the world (and especially from all parts of Europe and Eurasia) come here, where they find unique landscapes, monuments of ancient architecture, authentic national colors and folk traditions of the country’s aborigines. However, the beaches of Montenegro, which stretch along the Adriatic coast, are the most demanded ones. Location if the best beaches of Montenegro, the most convenient beach for resting with children →

Sandy Paradise of Montenegro – the best sandy beaches
пляжи Черногории

Montenegro is an amazing small country. Tourists not only from Europe, but from all over the world come here to admire the beautiful nature, breathe in the atmosphere of historical monuments, enjoy the charm of the local population and relax on the incredibly clean beaches of the Adriatic Sea. There are 117 beaches in a small country! Those who prefer comfort are sure to ask a question: are there sandy beaches in Montenegro? Find out the location of the best sandy beaches of Montenegro →