Holidays on the Adriatic: when is it better to go?

Holidays on the Adriatic when is it better to go

Stunningly beautiful coastline along the Adriatic Sea, with comfortable water temperature, much more natural beauty than you can imagine, and a huge variety of entertainment, this coast is an extremely underestimated place in all European countries. Let’s find out when to send on holidays on the Adriatic

Why you should choose the Adriatic coast for your vacation

The water temperature on the surface of the Adriatic Sea fluctuates depending on a month. The warmest temperature in the Adriatic Sea in June is 23.5 ° C, and the coldest is in February – 16 ° C. In some cities of Montenegro, it is above 20 ° C, and this is enough for comfortable swimming from spring to late autumn.
Many five-star hotels have become a magnet for wealthy Russian tourists, and the European yachting brethren choose the Adriatic coast for their parking. The temperature of the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro was 23.1 ° C last month, the highest 23.9 ° C, and the lowest 22.2 ° C. The coast is unusually friendly, with hidden villages clinging to a steep coastline, deserted beaches and smoky konoba restaurants where you can spend the day drinking vranak.

Water temperature in Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea depending on a month

Why you should choose the Adriatic coast for your vacation

The warmest water temperature in Adriatic in Montenegro is in Krimovice – 23.5 ° C. Conversely, the lowest temperature is in Risan, where water temperature is only 23.2 ° C. This means that the difference in water temperature between the warmest region Krimovice and the coldest region Risan is 0.4 ° C. Montenegro is a very compact country, therefore the water temperature fluctuations depending on a month in the Adriatic Sea are quite insignificant. The presented weather data is available on the Internet. You can get more detailed information about the water temperature in the Adriatic by months, the forecast of surfing, weather and the sunrise/sunset periods in any area of ​​interest, simply entering a request in the search engine with the name of the city.
Currently, the warmest country in Europe is Cyprus, where the current average temperature is 24.7 ° C. The coldest country is Iceland with an average temperature of 7.2 ° C. Montenegro has the second warmest water temperature in the Adriatic Sea among 28 countries in Europe.

Holidays on the Adriatic: Interesting places in Montenegro

Interesting places in MontenegroWith many different activities and amazing places, Montenegro is becoming more and more popular among travelers seeking to choose the road to Europe and to avoid places of mass tourism. Also, with such a comfortable water temperature in the Adriatic Sea by months and a large number of offers, it is easy to come up with routes in Montenegro, where you can find everything.
One of the best features of Montenegro is the lack of a large influx of tourists compared to other European destinations. Although tourism is booming and the city of Kotor accepts crowds of cruise tourists, there are still places to visit that are relatively untouched in Montenegro.
The best time to visit Montenegro is from May to September. Summer on the coast is a good season for a beach holiday, with comfortable bathing temperatures in the Adriatic Sea in July and August. The weather at this time is sunny and hot, but with a calming breeze.