Adriatic cruises

Круиз по Адриатическому морю

Adriatic cruise is an indescribable experience combining adventure and relaxation. This is a trip for everyone: you can go sailing with your family, friends, even with your work colleagues! You will visit the islands and cities of Italy, Montenegro and Croatia, enjoy the beauty and authenticity of these countries, and discover new amazing entertainment without tedious travels and flights.

What Adriatic cruise to choose?

The key point in your trip will, of course, be the choice of a cruise ship. There is a huge variety of ships designed in the spirit of different eras, and they are not inferior to high-class hotels and offer the ever-changing breathtaking views. Modern liners are equipped so that lovers of active pastime can play sports while travelling; the decks are often equipped with gyms, swimming pools, and playgrounds. Professional animators and musical bands do not let passengers get bored. Approach the choice of a ship seriously, because it will be your home and will contribute to ensuring only disturbing impressions after the cruise!

On average, the cost of a weekly Adriatic tour varies from 700 to 4,000 Euros, depending on the cruise program. Most often the price includes:

  • accommodation in the cabin of the selected category (internal, external, with a balcony or suite);
  • food and beverage;
  • onboard entertainment; and
  • the use of the unlimited Internet.



The tour has been bought; the suitcases have been packed; now it’s time to hit the road! Venice is the starting point of the most informative and convenient route.

From the very first minute of your journey, you will not be bored, because Venice is the perfect city to start, which will set the right mood. You will depart from the “maritime station” located 15 kilometers from the airport. If you are in a hurry, you can get there by taxi, but there is also such a budget-friendly option as a motor ship. In Venice, you can do a lot of interesting things, for instance, to swim in gondolas, visit the Lido island beach Lido, and finally enjoy the architecture and atmosphere of this magical city!


Montenegro is the next point on the map of our sea cruise. Kotor – the coastal town near the limestone cliffs of the Lovcen Mountain – is located there. Kotor is even called the “small Venice” because at the end of July and the beginning of August it hosts the Kotor International Summer Carnival, which is also called “Bokelsk Night”. For several days the city turns into a kind of Venetian carnival. Kotor will surely charm you with its traditions, incredibly picturesque streets and bays, as well as historical monuments. For example, here is the fortress wall – the second largest in the world after the Great Wall of China.


Finally, you are in Croatia! Gain strength, because this country can offer you a lot of resort towns, which you should definitely visit:

  • Dubrovnik is an incredibly beautiful city protected by UNESCO. After the brutal bombardment and occupation during the Second World War, large-scale restoration work had been carried out, which ended in 2005, and now Dubrovnik again invites tourists to enjoy architectural and cultural sights;
  • Split is the second largest city in Croatia, combining completely different eras and all possible styles. It is a paradise for artists and aesthetes!

If you think that the cities mentioned in the article is all that the maritime cruise can offer you, then you are mistaken, because the Adriatic will never cease to amaze, inspire and making fall in love with it. Get lost in each of these wonderful places and you will not regret it.

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