The Adriatic Sea is the friendly and always accessible coast of six countries

Всё об Адриатическом море: страны, цены, описание

Have you ever dreamed of the perfect sea? The sea with warm, clear and clean salt water, through which you could see the thinnest pebbles, grains of sand and fish? The sea under the bright but gentle sun? You have already visited several seas since then, but you haven’t found that one yet … Have you already been to the Adriatic? Try it, it seems to us that it was the Adriatic Sea that you saw in your dreams about the ideal sea. Judge for yourself…

Where is the Adriatic Sea on the world map?

Карта Адриатического моря: расположение странIt is located between the Apennine and Balkan Peninsulas.

Its waters wash the shores of six countries: Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.

The Otranto strait connecting the Adriatic Sea with the Ionian Sea waters is located between Albania and Italy. The total length of the Adriatic Sea is eight hundred kilometers in length and two hundred and twenty-five kilometers in width.

See below for a detailed map of the Adriatic Sea:

Подробная карта Адриатического моря

The waters of the Adriatic Sea are the shallowest part of the Mediterranean; their average depth is only 240 meters. The deepest place where the bottom goes down to 1,230 meters is located between the Italian town of Bari and Montenegro.

To the north of the Zadar city, the depth of the Adriatic waters does not exceed 100 meters, and the city of Pula – 50 meters, and it is not surprising if we bear in mind that a couple of thousand years ago there was dry land.

Которский заливA popular place for Adriatic holidays is the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro. It will provide an inexpensive and high-quality rest.

The Slovenia’s sea is suitable for holidays with children read here. This is the perfect place on the Adriatic.

The diversity of nature and climate of the Adriatic coast

Relief of the eastern and western Adriatic coast is extremely different:

  • The west coast, which is almost entirely owned by Italy, is mostly straight, low-lying and continuous one. There are many long sandy beaches, small hills and dunes.
  • The east coast, on which the South Slavic countries lie, is mountainous, replete with islands and small stone and pebble beaches.
The Adriatic Sea’s water is the cleanest and warmest one!

Our sea belongs to the category of warm seas, the average water temperature in summer is + 24-25 ° C, and in cold months it rarely drops below +10 °C.

The local waters are also distinguished by their extraordinary transparency, which can be explained both by the stony relief of the bottom over most of the occupied area and an increased salinity reaching 38 ppm, compared to other Mediterranean waters.

In June, when the peak tourist season begins, the Adriatic waters warm up on the north coast to + 20-23 °C, and on the southern beaches, the water temperature already reaches + 24-26 °C, which are comfortable not only for residents of the far north of Russia.

If you decide to cruise the islands and islets of the Adriatic Sea, you should plan a trip along the Croatian coast. There are 1,185 islands, reefs and ridges of this sea (and their total number is 1,233).

  • The largest islands are Cres, Krk, Hvar, Brac, Pag, Korčula, Mljet, Dugi Otok, Rab and Vis.
  • The highest island is the island of Brač, the mountain range of which rises 780 meters above sea level.
  • The largest island is the island of Pag having the longest coastline of 270 km.
    The Pag Island is followed by Hvar and Cres in terms of sizes.

The underwater and inhabited Adriatic World

Рыбалка в Адриатическом море: ловим рыбу и акулFans of scuba diving, fishing (simple, underwater, photo) will be interested in the information about rich Adriatic fauna and flora:

  • About seven hundred types of brown, green and red algae grow there.
  • The area of coastal waters is inhabited by gastropods and bivalves with thick and strong shells, echinoderms (fans of jumping in the water from unknown rocks and abandoned piers will love it!) and crustaceans.
  • Oysters, mussels, sea hearts, stars, eels, sea cucumbers, sea eels are extremely common there.
  • Fans of fresh fish will be interested in tuna, sardines, mackerel, pelamida. Sometimes the warm currents bring to the shore a whole milky way of glowing and translucent jellyfish and hydroid polyps that glow in the darkness.
  • Several species of sharks, such as prickly, black, blue, and basking shark also inhabit the waters of the Adriatic. In these waters, dolphins and seals represent a family of marine mammals.

Photos of the Adriatic Sea are gorgeous at any time of day and year. The color of local waters, framed by evergreen pine needles and ancient rocks, reminds the eyes of unknown gods and ancient beauties. Small islands, scattered in the coastal waters, almost all of which are inhabited, give rise to a dream about lost and regained Paradise on earth.

We have created our own collection of photos (images), but will be glad if you can share with us your personal and unique experiences and memories about your vacation on the Adriatic.

The best resort – carefully thought out and diligently chosen

Resorts on the Adriatic coast, without exaggeration, are the most popular, and cleanest in the whole Mediterranean.

Regardless of whether you choose a trip to a popular resort town, or decide to take a cruise around the Adriatic Sea, enjoying the purest water, delicate and high-quality service, Mediterranean cuisine and breath-taking views of the natural beauty of the region will be your constant and welcome companion in this voyage.

The advantages of recreation on this coast are the following:

  • pure water,
  • the rich natural world,
  • beautiful beaches,
  • adequate and very thoughtful tourist infrastructure,
  • the very rich history of the region.

Историческая АдриатикаThe Adriatic has been inhabited since the times of ancient Greece and the Scythians. Life and civilization processes on its banks did not stop ever, therefore almost every meter of the road there has a personal history, not to mention the settlements with temples and churches, ancient cemeteries and small and big houses and palaces, continuing tradition and customs, folklore elements, legends, songs …

Your vacation on the Adriatic is not an ordinary stay on the beach, as it could happen in a popular Turkey, but the opportunity to learn, see, hear, understand and try something unknown.

In the twenty-first century, when all the secrets already seem to be discovered by the Discovery Channel, new impressions are especially valuable.

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Prices on the Adriatic resorts – such budget-friendly, as nowhere else!

It is curious that almost all segments of the population have the opportunity to relax on this marvelous coast.

Depending on the country and locality, you can choose both incredibly glamorous, clean and super comfortable holiday at very impressive rates, and democratic, budget and affordable one even to low-income categories of Russian tourists (Yes, now it is about poor Russians, we will not take into account German pensioners and Italian students).

Comparative analysis of prices for rest in different countries of the Adriatic coast. The cost is indicated for the high season: the period from June to August. Time of stay – 1 week, the cost of living for one person in a 4-star hotel:

  • Italy — USD 550-700. The price is, of course, very averaged, if desired, it easily goes down to USD 500 and even 450, but the quality of the accommodation will be reduced accordingly.
  • Montenegro — from USD 400 to 700.
  • Croatia – from USD 500 to 1,300.
  • Slovenia — from USD 800 to 1,200.

These prices are provided by tourist organizations. If you have experience of an independent traveler, the flights, the choice and booking of hotels, other travel expenses can be even more budget-friendly.

Italy’s Adriatic Coast

Let’s look at the map of the Italy’s Adriatic Coast and its resorts :

  • Milano-Marittima,
  • Gabicce Marie,
  • Ravenna,
  • the miniature state of San Marino,
  • the fashionable Sardinia and Versilia,
  • democratic youth space from San Benedetto del Tronto to Ravenna.

The genuine dolce far niente is offered everywhere, pretty flavored with a modern idea of what real holiday fun should be:

  • amusement parks and disco clubs,
  • waters for yachting,
  • thousands of restaurants and establishments,
  • numerous small hotels,
  • night casinos, etc.

All this is incomprehensibly combined with its historical monuments, ancient ruins, medieval palaces, mosaics, churches, natural caves and groves, mountain monasteries…

Slovenia’s Adriatic Coast

Курорты СловенииThe Slovenian part of the Adriatic coast takes up very little space with the world’s most famous resorts such as Koper, Izola, Portorož, Piran.

  • Portorož is the most expensive and fashionable resort with an excellent marina and exquisite hotels, shops and entertainment centers.
  • Isola is considered an ideal place for family and youth recreation. Being more democratic than Portorož, it has the same cleanest beaches and carefully built infrastructure for recreation. It is the place that hosts various music festivals of youth music and indie culture.

Отдых с маленькими детьми в ЧерногорииThe best vacation with babies in Montenegro? Find details in our article.

An alternative to an expensive hotel is to rent an apartment in Montenegro, read here, what you need to pay attention to when renting an apartment.

Resorts of Montenegro on the Adriatic Sea

In the last ten to fifteen years, Montenegro’s Adriatic coast has been most popular among the tourists from CIS countries:

  • it is here that families with children go;
  • it can provide you with a calm and relaxing vacation;
  • the beach season here lasts longer than in Croatia and Slovenia;
  • it is Montenegro that offers the most pleasant prices for recreation, from rental housing to the cost of excursions and rental of beach equipment.
Montenegro offers budget-friendly vacation on the Adriatic coast.

The most famous and popular beach towns are described below:

  • Kotor, which is considered to be the most non-tourist city because of the lack of a beach in its usual sense.
  • Ulcinj, with the Great Beach selected by the kite surfing fans located behind.
  • Herceg Novi, a very popular resort among media stars and socialites, located on the shores of the Bay of Boka Kotorska, is delightfully quiet and relaxed one.
  • Petrovac, surrounded by olive groves and dense pine forests.
  • Sveti Stefan, an island town on which the appearance of buildings, built in the XV-XVII centuries, has been completely preserved, but the interior meets the highest notions of comfort and service.

Vacation on the Adriatic Sea, whatever segment of its coast you would choose, will no doubt be one of the most beautiful, calm, joyful and sun-shining moments of your life.

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