How to relax on the Adriatic

отдохнуть на Адриатике

Beach vacation, without a doubt, is the most popular type of recreation, because everyone loves to lie down on a comfortable chaise lounge when the sun caresses the skin and only the pleasant sound of sea waves is heard. Though, this is not the only entertainment for those who like to warm up. Learn how to relax on the Adriatic in the first-rate fashion!


The Adriatic will surprise you not only with picturesque views, but also with a disturbing history.

It will just suffice to mention the Venice with its streets, canals and palaces, really screaming about their long and incredibly interesting life, as well as the famous Piazza San Marco, Academy Gallery, Grand Canal! There are also many themed tours, such as, for example, “Venice of Josip Brodsky”, allowing you to feel the Venice that the poet loved so much.

Croatia can also offer amazing places, such as the magical national parks, Plitvice Lakes and the Brijuni Islands that cannot be ignored if you want to get enough of the Adriatic story in full!

In general, here is a small list of reasons to go on a trip when traveling across the Adriatic:

  • Self-education! Combine business with pleasure, study history, architecture, art, not sitting at the boring textbooks, but in museums and atmospheric places of the Adriatic;
  • Planned program – you do not need to suffer choosing places and trying to be everywhere, all the “dirty work” has already been done for you; and
  • Lack of language barrier – you will be told about all the interesting sights in your native language.

For exotic-lovers

Countries of the Adriatic will surprise you with exotic landscapes, because here water and land unite, here mountains, canyons, views of incredible beauty are revealed. You just need to make a little effort and go away from noisy tourist spots. The example is “Montenegrin Meteors” on the Ostrog mountain, with its Monastery built right in the rock at an altitude of 840 meters above sea level. This place is a symbol of faith, justice and freedom of mind.

Pros of merging with nature in the Adriatic:

  • the opportunity to take a break from the bustle of the city and work;
  • self-knowledge; and
  • the absence of a huge number of annoying tourists.


How to relax on the Adriatic and improve your health

The Adriatic boasts a bunch of health resorts because it is famous for its clean water and fresh air. Igalo is a popular Montenegrin resort, where the flora (fruit and olive trees, cypress, mimosa, eucalyptus, etc.), natural and climatic resources (curative mud, springs, mineral water) will help you to get rid of many health problems without serious consequences!

In the end, you can always choose an individual rest and skillfully combine all these three types of rest into the perfect one and suitable only for you. Experiment, relax and explore the Adriatic from new sides!


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