Mountain holidays in Montenegro

Montenegro is a land endowed with exceptional versatility and striking contrasts with unsurpassed natural beauty and centuries-old traditions. The mild Mediterranean climate with 240 sunny days a year and an average temperature of 30 ° C makes holidays in Montenegro desirable! However, even though most tourists are drawn to the Adriatic beaches, a small Balkan country starts to attract guests with mountain vacations in Montenegro, such as the Durmitor massif.

Mountain holidays in Montenegro – an adventure in the wild

The name of Montenegro itself speaks of its main landscape, 90% of the country is mountains. The title has something bewitching, conjuring up images of beautiful sunsets, long summer evenings and a feeling of freedom of space associated with the Montenegrin mountain holidays. The country is virtually completely covered by mountains. They fall steeply on the Adriatic coast in the south and rise to the highest peaks in the north.

Mountains have traditionally been the hallmark of the country. Mountain holidays in Montenegro will create a completely different impression of the coast. While the beach offers a vacation in Montenegro associated with sunny summer days and the sea, a vacation in the mountains of Montenegro provides exciting, dramatic and sometimes extreme getaway.

Montenegro holidays in the mountains: features

Montenegro’s mountain vacations are stormy, wild and stunning. Bears and wolves still rule the forests. And this is not just a landscape. The Montenegrins who live here are hardworking and look very special. But, like all residents of the country, their hospitality is second to none. They will feed you and take care for you as if you were a member of the family.

Mountain holidays in Montenegro will allow you to plunge into the culinary features of the region. Instead of plates with seafood, you will taste fried meat and kachamak (nutritious porridge made from cornmeal with potatoes and cheese). And this is a contrast, therefore, when planning a mountain holiday in Montenegro, you should consider these issues. To feel the vacation in Montenegro to the full, you should visit the Black Mountains. You can go hiking, climb the peaks, stop in a traditional shepherd’s hut, and ride a bike. Montenegro offers comprehensive mountain holidays!