Rest in Croatia: the sea, the beach, the yacht – all this is a godsend

Отдых в Хорватии и зимой и летом всегда хорош - таковы отзывы туристов

Croatia is a wonderful warm Mediterranean country ideal for romantic trips and family rest. Stunning landscapes, sandy beaches with crystal clear water, seaside sun, hidden bays, green hills and ancient cities – all this makes holidays in Croatia truly unforgettable.

Sea rest in Croatia

Beach rest in Croatia is an opportunity to enjoy the real treasures of world tourism. The Adriatic coast is rich in beaches, natural harbors with countless bays, ports, and marinas. Beaches in Croatia are mostly pebbly ones.

Sandy beaches are rare. The most popular beach in Croatia is Zlatni Rat of over 500 meters in length, located on the Brac island.

In hot weather, tourists go to the adjacent forest area equipped with picnic tables. It is located 15-minutes walk from the town of Bol. You can reach it by ferry in the city of Split, which stretches to the northern coast of the island. The trip will take one hour.

There are more than 150 beaches in Croatia. The beach in the village of Brela is one of the cleanest in Europe. The hotels located along the lagoon are buried in verdure. You can get to the beach by bus or car from the cities of Split, Zagreb or Dubrovnik. The shortest way from Split is only 70 km long.

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Yacht trip

Holidays on a yacht in Croatia are an opportunity to sail under the sail for true connoisseurs of luxuriance and freedom. You can rent a yacht on the coast of almost any resort.

The summer heat is taken in stride thanks to the Northwest wind, and the waters of the Adriatic coast are of exceptional transparency and visibility to 50 meters in depth.

Yacht rental in Croatia attracts travelers from around the world. Its price per week depends on the age of the yacht, the availability of the crew, the complexity and length of the route, and is approximately as follows:

  • At the beginning of the season in March-April – from 1,800 to 4,000 Euros without a crew, and 4,000-7,000 Euros with a crew.
  • At the peak of the season from May to September – from 2,000 to 7,000 Euros without a crew, and 7,000-14,000 Euros with a crew.
  • The prices are the lowest ones at the end of the season in October and are only 1,400–3,000 Euros without a crew and 2,000–4,000 Euros with a crew.

The summer months with their warm water, sun and the minimal chance of unpleasant situations at sea are the most suitable for the first yacht trip. May and September will suit those who want to avoid crowds in the ports.

Yacht trip lasts from several days to two weeks. It covers interesting places to visit, the sights of coastal cities, but does not imply long daytime pedestrian crossings, giving tourists the opportunity to enjoy the sea.

Sailing regattas are organized for hot-tempered travelers. Competitions are held at the beginning and end of the season and attract a large number of yachtsmen.

In addition, the sailing regatta is one of the best options for a corporate holiday. It is worth knowing that the availability of at least one crew member with a certificate for the right to operate a sailing vessel is a prerequisite for renting a yacht in Croatia.

Popular resorts

Rest in Croatia depends on the correct choice of accommodation. Wealthy tourists increasingly prefer apartments. The country is famous for a large number of luxury villas.

Apartments ranging from 150 square meters in area are located around the coast, and are available at very nice prices in the countryside. It is easy to rent a comfortable accommodation with a swimming pool or close to the beach in the most famous and visited cities.


Medieval Dubrovnik in the south of Dalmatia is the pearl of the Adriatic. Tourists with any income will be able to find accommodation there at an affordable price.

In addition to hotels with a different star rating, private apartments, houses, and villas are rented in the city. The price of renting private housing in Dubrovnik for 1 day per person depends on its location and equipment, as follows:

  • April-May: 55-100 Euros,
  • June: 60-120 Euros,
  • September: 80-140 Euros; and
  • July and August: 85-150 Euros.

For those planning a vacation in Croatian Dubrovnik, see directions below:

  • By a direct flight from Europe to the Dubrovnik Airport, the distance from which to the city center is only 22 km – the distance can be covered by bus or taxi.
  • Charter flights to Dubrovnik operate from June to September, and you can get to the city during other months from the Zagreb Airport, which is located at the other end of the country. From there you can get to Dubrovnik by plane or bus.

Just 6 km away from Dubrovnik, the Copacabana Beach is located in the Babin Kuk area at the tip of the Lapad Bay. Tourists will enjoy views of the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea.

The beach is covered with small pebbles and is suitable for those practicing various sports. Luxury hotels and apartments are located there.

Banje is another beach, overlooking the fortress walls, the island of Lokrum, and the botanical garden located on it.

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Rest in Istria – the most beautiful region of Croatia – is attractive due to mild climate, the abundance of sun and sea on three sides.

The best beaches of Istria are located in areas with the developed infrastructure of Umag and Novigrad. In Istria, there are 44 beaches fit for every taste, including night ones with discos and bars, where you can enjoy the sea and the starry sky until the early morning hours.

Porec is the most popular resort of Istria, offering its guests hotels and hotel complexes with a rich entertainment program and a range of additional services, including:

  • restaurant reservations,
  • organization of tours, and
  • assistance in renting a car.

The beaches with emerald water are surrounded by a pine forest. Thanks to the proximity of the Pula airport located 60 km from Porec, the fastest way to this resort is by plane.

Ideas for rest in Istria:

  • Cycling tours. Cycling tours along specially laid routes, hiking with a map of local sights, various excursions – all this makes the rest in Istria an incredibly memorable one. During such tours, travelers have an excellent opportunity to make the photos of a picturesque rocky coast, hills covered with pines and vineyards, the beauty of the Lima Bay and Brijuni National Park located on 2 large and 12 small islands.
  • Outdoor activities. Outdoor activities’ enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the tennis courts, mini-golf courses, riding schools and diving centers available at the resorts. By the way, Istria is the most attractive region for divers in Croatia due to two magnificent dive sites located there.
  • Tours. All tourists, without exception, will certainly be interested in the tours offered in the resorts of Istria. Most vacationers go on trips to the cities of Pula, Porec, Zagreb and others, to the Plitvice Lakes, as well as to Venice, which is relatively close.


Split is a wonderful destination in Croatia in the center of the Adriatic coast on the Marjan Peninsula. The city is an endless series of old streets, museums, and galleries.

The beaches of Split are pebbly and very clean. Being a popular tourist destination, it has air links to most European capitals. The international airport of Croatia is 25 km away from the city.

In addition to a number of hotels, it offers travelers suburban complexes, luxury apartments, and private houses. The price depends on the season, the number of guests and the distance from the coast, and is 50-120 Euros per person per day.

Alluring islands

Every island of Croatia is unique. Rest here is filled with tranquility due to private beaches, small coves, and the coastline covered with pebbles and sand.

The swimming season is longer here than on the coast of the country since the water in the sea is several degrees warmer. Each island has its own zest, as follows:

  • Pag  is rich in olive groves and salt deposits.
  • Hvar has the longest extent on the Adriatic Sea. It is distinguished by springs, the number of sunny days, and an abundance of natural beauty.
  • Brac ranks first by size among the islands. It is famous for its pine forests and vineyards.
  • Korčula Island where the famous cities of Vela Luka and Lumbarda were built.

All the islands of Croatia are beautiful in their own fashion; they can only be reached by sea – by ferry or catamaran.

“Adriatic Relax” Video

We invite you to sit back, relax, and dream about rest in Croatia, watching our video:


It is not necessary to use the services of travel companies. Organize an independent rest in Croatia. It is suitable for those who like to personally plan their routes while traveling.

Choosing backpacking, you will fully plunge into the atmosphere of the country. Walk through the places with no tourists.

Book your accommodation in advance by writing to the owner, and receive from him/her a notarized invitation to Croatia. Then you can buy the tickets.

If you travel to Croatia by car, then receive a “green card” and visas according to the itinerary.

Best season for rest

Winter rest in Croatia - the season for ski enthusiastsSummer is the best season for rest in Croatia. At this time the weather is warm, the sea warms up to +26 C and above, and the holiday season begins.

Winter rest in Croatia is directly related to winter sports. Equipped ski resorts are the pride of the country.

Features of rest in different months of the year:

  • May. Rest in Croatia in May pleases tourists with low prices, free beaches, and colorful nature. The sea is still cool, but the sun is already hot.
  • June. June rest attracts connoisseurs of healing springs and curative mud. Balneological resorts start working.
  • August. The main tourist centers – Dalmatia and the Istrian peninsula – are fully prepared for rest in August. This is the time of the influx of tourists and crowded hotels.
  • September. Rest in September is characterized by a decline in prices and active sightseeing tourism. It’s time for sightseeing and nature walks
  • November. A vacation in November, when the sea becomes cool, is suitable for the continuation of medical procedures that had been started in spring.
  • December. Rest in December involves trips to the mountain regions and the season opening. Zagreb has a ski resort – Mount Sljema.
  • February. February rest will bring you to heel with its enchanting winter landscapes, ski slopes, and impeccable service. Planning a vacation in Croatia in the winter, you will become a participant in the festivities, greatly saving on accommodation.
Events in Croatia throughout the year
Most festivals and other cultural events take place from April to August. It all starts with the April Contemporary Music Festival and the Queer Zagreb Festival. In May, you can visit the 4-day movie festival in Dubrovnik, which in its scale is getting closer to Cannes every year. Summer is the time for music festivals, including the Croatian Pop Music Festival and the Dubrovnik Summer Music Festival, which lasts all of July.

Traveling with children

Families going on holiday to Croatia with children choose well-equipped beaches. Sandy beaches, for rest in Croatia with children, are attractive due to gentle shore, convenient entry into the water, and safety for kids. The coastal bed, as a rule, is also sandy.

The hotel complexes located nearby offer everything for a full-fledged leisure with the kids.

In Dalmatia, there are little-known sandy beaches with no muster of tourists. They are especially pleasant for small children due to clear and warm water.

The main souvenir is the photos from rest in Croatia that will help you to tell about your journey. Below are the photos about holidays in Croatia and the country’s most popular and beautiful beaches:

Prices for rest

Going on a trip, first of all, you need to find out how much rest in Croatia costs. The price depends on the time of year and resort chosen. In winter, accommodation is cheaper than in summer:

  • The peak of the season. During the peak of the season from June to August, rest in Croatia will cost from 500 to 1,300 Euros per person in a 2-5* hotel. You can choose the boarding type at your discretion: from breakfast only to all-inclusive.
  • In winter. The price for rest in Croatia in winter is from 269 to 600 Euros per person at the hotel at your discretion. Tourists may enjoy ski resorts and tours of the country.
  • With children. Prices for rest in Croatia with children vary depending on the resort and the beach type. The summer rest per one parent and a child with hotel accommodation will cost around 1,000-1,500 Euros.

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Resorts in Croatia are better than most ones. The mild Mediterranean climate provides a hot summer and a warm winter.

The abundance of beaches, a large selection of options for living and entertainment suited to every fancy and season make it incredibly popular. Even in the peak season, you can find a secluded place for a relaxing pastime.

Almost every resort is easily accessible by a direct charter or a budget flight. For those who are afraid of flying, there are trains.

The train to Croatia departs from many stations.

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