Rest in Slovenia in winter and summer will give you a wonderful mood

Отдых в Словении везде хорош: на море, в горах, на озёрах

Slovenia is a quiet European family-friendly country, opening doors to the clear waters of the Adriatic Sea and the Alpine Lakes. The coast is rich in hot thermal springs, salteries, and deposits of therapeutic mud, making the rest in Slovenia extremely diverse.

Rest in Slovenia will help improving your health and immunity. This is one of those countries where you can equally take ease on the beach and find yourself on a snowy mountain.

Sea rest in Slovenia

Luxury beaches are a real treasure of the country, surrounded by quiet Italian-style villages. If you prefer a beach holiday to sightseeing, then Slovenia will be an excellent choice.

The country has 4 regions with the most convenient coast for tourists:

  • Piran,
  • Izola,
  • Koper, and
  • Portorož.


Piran is an old town with interesting architectural monuments. The city beach is rocky, and the sea is clean and deep.

Get directions. You can get to Piran from Ljubljana by bus and by train from the nearest cities.

Accommodation. During the rest, it is convenient to stay in the local 3-4* hotels, apartments, and boarding houses. All of them are located in close proximity to the coast and have a developed infrastructure with restaurants, shops and bars.

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Isola is an old Mediterranean town with remains of the past. The city has a very beautiful promenade, which offers an amazing view of the Gulf of Trieste. For sightseeing, tourists go to the city center.

Izola is the best Slovenian resort for families with children.

Rest in Slovenia with children requires careful selection of the beach, and the Isola resort is perfect for this. The mild climate bodes for quick adaptation, and equipped coastal area, despite the pebbled surface, offers a lot of fun for kids.

Thanks to the constantly blowing winds, Isola has become a center for sailing and surfing.

Get directions. You will reach Izola from Portorož or Koper by bus or taxi in no more than 30-40 minutes.

Accommodation. Eight 3-4* hotels open their doors to guests, and private houses and apartments are also available for rent.


Portorož is a popular resort on the Adriatic coast of Slovenia. It is famous not only for its beaches but also for its sights.

At this vibrant and respectable Slovenian resort you can combine a beach holiday with treatment in the thermal pools and pamper yourself with pleasant treatments at the spa. July and August, when the water warms up to 24 °C, provide the ideal conditions for lying on the hot sand.

Get directions. A simple and convenient way to get to Portorož is to travel by bus or car from Ljubljana for 1-1.5 hours.

Accommodation. City guests can accommodate in fashionable hotels located across the street from the only sandy beach in Portorož.

Some interesting facts:

  • Portorož is the most fashionable resort in Slovenia where you can combine rest with wellness programs in the thermal pools and the “Terme Palace” sauna center.
  • The only center for Thai medicine in the Mediterranean, as well as a thalassotherapy center, are located in Portorož.
  • Portorož is great for snorkeling and fishing. You can rent the necessary equipment directly on the coast.
  • After seven o’clock in the evening, the guards politely stop all attempts to swim.


Koper is the main port of Slovenian Istria and a resort city.

On the island part, tourists can see the sights of the era of the Republic of Venice. The city zoo and water park are very interesting places. View of the Bay of Piran opens from the waterfront.

The Koper beach is a pebbly one with a convenient concrete descent to the water.

Get directions. Well-established transport links with other cities in Slovenia and neighboring countries make Koper convenient for traveling.

Accommodation. Hotels must be booked in advance, there are not many of them in the city, but they all are quite comfortable.

One-week tour to Slovenia will cost you only 400 Euros!

Prices for rest on the sea in Slovenia vary depending on the time of the year. Going on a weekly trip around the country, you should bank on the amount from 400 to 1,200 Euros per person with accommodation in a 3-5* hotel.

Rest on the lakes

The lakes of Bled and Bohinj are the popular tourist destinations.

The Bled Lake

Rest at Lake Bled in SloveniaAn unusual lake Bled at the foot of the Julian Alps is emblazoned 25 minutes away by bus or taxi from the Ljubljana Airport. More than a dozen hotels and resorts ready to welcome tourists throughout the year have stretched along its shores.

The unusual entertainment offered includes:

  • mountain bike rental for walking around the lake;
  • horse rides;
  • golfing;
  • fishing; and
  • rent of tennis courts.

Resting at the resort, tourists can take fascinating excursions to the sights of the city and the surrounding area:

  • The Castle. The sights include medieval castle located on a cliff, with views of the mountains from its windows.
  • The Island. On the water surface of the lake, there is a small island with the Church of the Assumption, which can be reached by a small boat.
  • The gorge. The well-liked Vintgar Gorge is not far from the city of Bled. On it, tourists get to the lake on foot to see the Church of St. Catherine, and the waterfall.

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Triglav National Park

The famous beautiful Triglav National Park is at a distance of 28 km from Lake Bled.

It includes:

  • Mount Triglav – the symbol of the country, and
  • Lake Bohinj of glacial origin.

Bohinj is one of the most beautiful places in the park with high mountains, green forests, cultural and historical monuments. Several 3-5* hotels and apartments are at the disposal of travelers.

Entertainment on the lake:

  • Lake Bohinj is the best start for excursions and walks. Roads and paths through the forest will lead to a part of the valley hidden from view.
  • Mountaineering and rock climbing tours are held here.
  • There are many opportunities for mountain biking on the lake.

In summer, the water in the lake warms up to + 22◦С allowing you to swim in it. In winter, ski slopes, equipped with ski lifts open.

Going to Slovenia, do not forget to take a camera. The photos brought from the trip will keep the memory of the rest. Below is a selection of photos about rest in Slovenia and places worth visiting:

Winter rest in Slovenia

In addition to an excellent beach holiday, the country is famous for its ski resorts.

Dozens of well-maintained ski resorts offer winter rest in Slovenia. The tracks are designed both for beginners and experts.

Maribor Pohorje Ski Resort

The largest and the best ski center in Slovenia – Mariborskoe Pohorje – is located in the northwestern part of the country.

Twenty ski slopes and 22 lifts are located on the area. This is an excellent ski resort for the whole family offering reasonable prices.

The most comfortable conditions for the stay of tourists are created by:

  • Illuminated night trail of 5 km in length;
  • Installations for artificial snow;
  • Kindergarten, where you can leave a child and go skiing;
  • For fans of the sled, there is a special 800 m long track. The rest in the mountains of Slovenia will give an incredible feeling that cannot be compared with the usual forest slopes; and
  • Those wishing to master the snowboard can use the services of the school.

Get directions. Tourists prefer to stop in Maribor due to the small distance of the ski slopes from the city, and get there from Ljubljana by train.

Duration of the season. The ski season here lasts from December to mid-April.


Scheme of the ski slopes of the Krvavec ski resort for rest in SloveniaKrvavec is another center of skiing in Slovenia.

It provides the excellent conditions for skiing, including a new gondola lift. In just 7 minutes you will find yourself at an altitude of 1,500 meters above the sea level. Tracks are diverse and ideal for professionals and beginners.

At the resort, you can use additional services:

  • Now the presence of even the smallest children will not be an obstacle for recreation in the ski resort. Kindergarten will take the kids, while moms and dads go in for sports.
  • Competitions may be organized on the tracks equipped for this purpose.
  • Numerous restaurants located near the slopes are good places to relax at the end of the day.
  • Luggage storage and shops are at the disposal of tourists.

Everyone who came to ski in Krvavec accommodates in cozy hotels near Lake Bled. The most comfortable among them is the new 4* complex at an altitude of 1,600 m directly near the ski slopes.

Get directions. Those who wish to ride on the slopes of Krvavets can get there from the Ljubljana Airport by taxi or a regular bus. It is located in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps mountain range.

Duration of the season. The ski season usually begins in late November and lasts until May.

Krvavec is a beautiful winter resort of Slovenia having more than 20 awards, including the “Crystal Snowflake”. In addition to the excellent quality of the arranged slopes, Krvavec has a developed infrastructure of the tourist center, for which it was also repeatedly awarded as “the well-organized resort of Slovenia”. The resort has a ski school and a snowboard school where adults and children can study.


Ski rest in Slovenia is not limited to two resorts. Places for winter outdoor activities are still close to Lake Bled. The track for skiing is 150 m from the city center, and it is about 800 meters in length.

Duration of the season. The center welcomes tourists from late December to early March.


When resting in Slovenia in January, you fully feel the beauty of winter fun. The Bohinj ski region opens its doors to guests of the country. It unites the following centers located in the immediate vicinity of Bled:

  • Kobla,
  • Vogel, and
  • Kranjska Gora.

High-quality service in hotels and apartments, delicious food and good wine make it possible to fully experience the whole attractiveness of the country.

In winter, the prices for rest in Slovenia depend on the type of accommodation selected, and make up about 1,000-1,500 Euros per person per week.

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Rest and treatment

Slovenia is a tiny European country that has combined a huge number of sources of health. Exclusive treatments are offered in treatment centers. You can endlessly list balneological and therapeutic complexes.

Let us list the most famous of them:

  • Radenci.The world’s famous resort and the mineral spring Radenci are located on the bank of the River Mora. The resort infrastructure includes 5 treatment centers with various treatment landscapes, two large hotels, and a large selection of sports activities in the afternoon and evening. Mineral baths and mud wraps will help you to recover from rheumatism and after surgery. Water from the source removes toxins, cleanses, and improves the skin. The pools on the resort territory will delight tourists with warm thermal water, several open and closed complexes. You can get to Radenci through two-hour transfer from Ljubljana Airport.
  • Rogaška Slatina stands out among the respected resorts of Slovenia. Its mineral waters are used in case of problems with digestion, and Donat Mg water, known all over the world, reduces the need for taking pills and eliminates side effects. In addition to quality treatment, there is plenty of entertainment for tourists, including golfing, horse riding, ski slopes, and even a casino.
    All 7 resort hotels are focused primarily on tourists who came to improve their health. You can get to the center by a special bus from the Ljubljana airport.
  • The Strunjan Medical Center is the best place for people who need constant medical supervision and improvement of respiratory organs, getting rid of allergies, and solving skin problems.
    A favorable climate contributes to faster treatment of diseases of the nervous system. In addition to numerous health promotion procedures, Strunjan helps to avoid premature ageing with the help of anti-ageing procedures.
    The resort offers 4 large spa-resorts with a developed infrastructure, including several pools with sea water, sports activities, rejuvenating and medical programs. You can get to the center from Portoroz or Ljubljana by bus or taxi.

Advantages of the Strunjan medical center:

  • The only medical resort in Slovenia, where the mineral and marine components are combined in the treatment.
  • The only terms with sea views.
  • It offers a large selection of therapeutic and preventive procedures, including special programs for face rejuvenation, as well as anti-cellulite programs.
  • Good hotel service.

Whether you go to the Adriatic coast of Slovenia or are going to conquer its mountain slopes – a small European country will be equally hospitable. It has a multifaceted and colorful nature. Thermal springs will restore health, dirt will prolong youth.

The amazingly beautiful lakes of Slovenia wonder tourists. They are great both for escape and a romantic getaway. Walking along the forest paths and inhaling the aromas of plants have a relaxing and calming effect. Everyone will find rest to their taste.

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