Romantic trip to Venice

No city in Italy is as romantic as Venice. Its picturesque architecture and inimitable beauty inspire the greatest artists and awaken romantic moods. Travel videos in Venice affect the mood of people. When traveling around Venice, there are things you must do to make your vacation even more charming!

What to do in Venice

Are you planning to explore Venice? You need to see so much, but you have so little time. In order not to lose time, plan a trip to Venice on your own along routes with sightseeing, whether it is a trip for one, two, three or more days. Here is a list of the best romantic entertainment that you can take a video of while traveling around Venice with your loved one.

  • La Fenice Theater
  • Dorsoduro historic district of Venice
  • Doge’s Palace
  • San Giorgio Maggiore
  • Alberoni Beach
  • St. Mark’s Square

Venice is the leader in the list of the most romantic places in Italy, and if you are going on a trip to Venice, look up the best places in the city online.

A virtual tour around Venice

If you cannot go on a trip to Venice today, do not despair. You can be on a virtual tour on land or water through the canals of Venice, comfortably sitting at home. Do you feel bored at weekends? Do not worry, but feel free to use modern technology that will provide a panoramic view of beautiful Venice areas, where cars are prohibited.

You can travel an impressive 400 km on foot and 200 km by boat, and the virtual tour of Venice offers iconic sights and hidden gems, such as the Devil’s Bridge on the Torcello Island and the place where the typographer Manucius created the font.

Venice romance

Traveling in Venice on a gondola can be very romantic, but if the route passes through the crowded Grand Canal, you will not find many places for romance. Tell the gondolier that you want to enjoy a relaxing trip along the distant canals away from tourist attractions. The San Polo area is a good choice for a private trip, where you can make a video of traveling around Venice in a relaxed atmosphere.

A gondola ride under the Bridge of Sighs is still one of Venice’s most popular kissing destinations. Night gondola rides can be very romantic, but they are more expensive. In addition to this, if you are filming a travel video of Venice for a family archive, it may be difficult to do it at night.