September is a perfect time for vacation in Montenegro

в Черногорию в сентябре

The holiday season lasts from May to October, but if you come to Montenegro in September, the weather changes – it starts getting colder. The resorts are unpopulated in this season since most of the tourists went home.

In September, there is no such heat as in summer, the sun is soft and gentle, and the sea has not yet cooled.

Weather in Montenegro in September

Like in summer, most tourists prefer a beach holiday in September, as the weather is still favorable. However, it is not as predictable as in summer.

Families with children prefer this type of vacation not just because of the climate but also because of fruit. There are such fruits in September in Montenegro as figs, watermelon, mulberry, nectarine, grapes, and melon.

The weather in most parts of the regions can bring unpleasant surprises such as long rain. If you still decided to go to Montenegro in September, you should take warm clothes and a light jacket for evening walks along the seashore, and do not forget the umbrella.

The weather at different resorts in Montenegro in September may vary significantly:

  • In Bar, the weather in September is one of the most favorable, with an average temperature of +26 °C.
  • Cetinje is considered the rainiest resort – there can be up to 200 mm of precipitation in 7 days. Night temperature does not exceed +11 °C, daytime is about +23 °C.
  • In Tivat, the weather in September makes it a perfect off-peak season: the temperature is slightly lower than in the summer season, the sea is warm, and the sun is warm but no longer burns the skin.

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The climate in Montenegro in September

Montenegrin climate can be divided into three parts:

  • Mediterranean, which prevails on the coast,
  • mountain, located in the eastern part of the country, and
  • flat in the central part.

Tourists prefer the coast, i.e. a beach holiday, and the central part, rich in tourist attractions, in September. The weather at the beginning of the month is comfortable, the water keeps the temperature pleasant for swimming and allows extending the swimming season until the beginning of October.

It is too cold to wear open clothes in the evenings, many locals and tourists wear warm suits and even jackets. Night temperatures in most resorts do not even reach +16 °C.

Air temperature

The air temperature on the seaside reaches + 26-27 °C during the day in the shade and + 16-17 °C at night.

You should carefully choose a resort for the September holiday because the temperature in different areas varies significantly. For example, it is around +23 °C in Cetinje during the day and +11 °C at night, you can swim and sunbathe in Podgorica during the day at +27 °C, and it is also relatively warm at night – +17-18 °C.

The warmest resorts are Bar, Budva, Ulcinj, and Kotor.

The coldest resorts are located in the highlands: Kolasin and Zabljak, the temperature there does not rise above +18 °C during the day and remains around +7 °C at night, but they refer to winter vacation destinations.

Sea temperature

The sea in Montenegro in SeptemberThe cleanliness of almost all the beaches of Montenegro is measured as the first class, only a few of them rank the second, and there are no other indicators. The sea depth reaches 56 meters in some places. There can be storms at sea, but the maximum wave height barely reaches half a meter.

The sea is still warm enough for swimming. The water temperature in September drops from +28 °C to +22-24 °C.

Budva: weather in September

  • Average daytime air temperature: +26 °C.
  • Average night air temperature: +15 °C.
  • Water temperature: +24 °C.
  • Number of sunny days: 25-27.
  • Number of rainy days: 3-4.
  • Average precipitation: 57 mm.

This resort is popular due to the warmer climate compared to other resorts in Montenegro.

Despite a small amount of precipitation, there were quite a few cloudy days in some years. Wind indicators are relatively stable throughout the month – about 2.7 m/sec.

Bečići: weather in September

Bečići is another resort in Montenegro, which pleases tourists with the off-peak season.

  • Average daytime air temperature: +27 °C.
  • Average night air temperature: +15 °C.
  • Water temperature: +24 °C.
  • Number of sunny days: 27.
  • Number of rainy days: 3.
  • Average precipitation: 59 mm.

The highest daytime air temperature was recorded in September 2013: +29 °C; the night temperature dropped to a minimum of +10 °C.

Most of the days are sunny, but cloudy and grey autumn days are not uncommon at this resort.

Due to the dry climate, Bečići enjoys increased popularity.

Petrovac: weather in September

  • Average daytime air temperature: +27 °C.
  • Average night air temperature: +16 °C.
  • Water temperature: +25 °C.
  • Number of sunny days: 27.
  • Number of rainy days: 3.
  • Average precipitation: 64 mm.

The highest temperature was recorded in September 2013: +29 °C, and the lowest night temperature was recorded in the same year: +12 °C.

There is a little more precipitation in Petrovac than in Bečići and Budva. Ther are warm and sunny days at this resort, but tourists should be ready for cloudy and grey days as well.

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Tourists prefer only a few resorts in September, located on the coast. The most popular are Budva, Bečići, Herzog Novi, and Petrovec. You will be able to enjoy the warm mild climate and the gentle sea of Montenegro in September at these resorts.

  1. Budva is the most common resort in fall. This is a sunny city, which many people call the pearl of Montenegro. Hotels in Budva in Montenegro are as popular in September as in summer. This is not surprising, because the days are still hot, and the sea is so warm that you can swim all day.
    Many people like this resort also because there are many Orthodox and Catholic churches here, as well as ancient streets that always attract tourists. There are other resorts nearby: Podgorica and Tivat.
  2. Bečići is the second most popular resort located 3 kilometers away from Budva. This resort was awarded the Grand Prix in Paris for luxurious beaches, clear sea, and clean sand.
  3. Petrovac is a resort is located in a beautiful bay and opening its spaces for lovers of tours and historical places. It is located on a cliff, with a Venetian fortress Castello. The monastery Gradište, built in the late Middle Ages, can be seen there. And, of course, you can enjoy the sunshine and warm sea in Petrovac.

There are fewer holidays in Montenegro in September, but they surprise with their customs and grand scale. For example, you can take part in the festival of mimosa in Herzog Novi. However, trips to September in Montenegro will have to be booked in advance. Sightseeing tours are especially popular during this period.

September is the season of fruits in MontenegroIf you spend your vacation in Montenegro with a child, you can enjoy not only the sea in September but also a huge amount of ripe fruit. This feature often forces parents to choose this particular country for a vacation in fall. Budva is the perfect place to combine business with pleasure. However, you can also consider other resorts with a mild climate.

Many tourists who decide to go on vacation in September often choose between Montenegro or Cyprus. However, tourists who have visited both countries advise not to compare them, because the conditions and climate are too different.

There is a similar problem when choosing a tour in September between Montenegro or Croatia, but in this case, you can only give preference to a particular resort, rather than a country.

September tour to Montenegro – Three Reasons For

  1. Tickets to Montenegro are cheaper in September than in summer. Not only the airfare but also prices for hotel accommodation and entertainment are reduced significantly. This is due to the end of the high season.
  2. You can spend a holiday in Montenegro in September cheaper compared to summer, while the natural conditions differ only in night temperatures and the rain expectancy.
  3. You can reduce the price if you buy last-minute tours to Montenegro – the chance of such a deal is higher in September.

Montenegro in September: prices for vacation

Prices are significantly reduced in September. The approximate cost of a 10-day holiday is 600-700 euros.

If you buy a last-minute tour, you can save more. Prices for accommodation in hotels, visiting attractions, and tours are also falling.

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Weather in late September

No matter how warm the weather is in September, the fall is still felt by the end of the month. By this time, there are very few tourists left, but they still swim in the sea.

Despite nature gradually preparing for late fall, the climate on the Montenegrin coast is mild. The temperature at well-known resorts drops from +27 °C to + 24-25 °C, and the water also cools a little.

September-October is the end of the beach season in Montenegro.

However, tourists are ready to relax during this period. This is the last tourist month in Montenegro, as the weather in September-October gradually begins to worsen:

  • sea temperature is +20 °C,
  • frequent storms are observed,
  • light day shortens, and
  • there are cloudy days and long rains in Montenegro in the second half of September.

The lovers of vacation in Montenegro in September recommend going to resorts at the beginning of the month, but you can enjoy warm weather in some years at the end of the month as well.

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