Tips to prepare for an independent travel to Montenegro

самостоятельный отдых в Черногории

Rest in Montenegro is becoming increasingly popular among Europeans. This is not surprising because the country attracts with its clean sea, an excellent mild climate, reasonable prices, good service, the visa-free regime, and very benevolent attitude. Besides, the local population understands English, which makes an independent rest in Montenegro much easier.

Planning an independent rest in Montenegro

Now travelers often arrange a trip to Montenegro independently, without resorting to the services of travel agencies. It costs much less. It is necessary to develop an interesting route, and it is not so difficult to do it by yourself.

Independent travel is much cheaper.

The main thing is to understand some key points on how to travel to Montenegro independently:

Hotels of Montenegro for rest with childrenIt is better to pre-select hotels in Montenegro for families with children and book places before starting the trip.

Find out what you can see in Montenegro here and plan a route.

Get directions

How to get to Montenegro – the Montenegro AirlinesPlanning the travel to Montenegro should begin with choosing the means of transporting you to the country, either by plane, train or car:

  • By plane. The easiest option is to buy tickets. Montenegro Airlines and low-cost airlines operate regular direct flights to Montenegro.
    If you plan to rest in the north of the country, for example, in Herceg-Novi or Igalo, then you should fly to Croatian Dubrovnik.
  • By train. Some people cannot fly by plane for some reason, so you can consider the option to get to Montenegro by train. It will cost about 1.5 times cheaper.
  • By car. If you decide to go to Montenegro in your own car, for this you need to have transit visas (Romanian and Hungarian) or a Schengen visa.
    The route passes through Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, and Serbia. Another route with quality roads: Belarus – Poland – Hungary – Croatia – Montenegro.

Places to stay

Where to live – camping in MontenegroThere is a great choice of accommodation.
You can independently book hotels in Montenegro, as well as any other accommodation, in advance via the Internet.

Some do it even on arrival since there are a lot of possible accommodation options:

  • Hotel. Independent online booking of hotels in Montenegro allows you to choose the one that suits you best from a huge database of hotels with photos and real reviews. It happens instantly at the real price with a 100% guarantee. The online booking system is fully automated, which makes it quick, efficient, and convenient.
  • Camping. Very comfortable accommodation for those traveling in their cars with a trailer. Of course, there is a minimum of amenities, but many campgrounds are located right on the seafront. The most famous camping sites are:
    • Buljarica, located next to Petrovac,
    • Jaz, located next to Budva.
  • Room – a cheap option. The only inconvenience is a shared kitchen with other rooms.
  • Flat or apartment. It is enough budget-friendly option depending on the location and conditions of accommodation. Owners sometimes offer meals and transfers.
  • House or villa. It is a suitable option for a large company. The cost ranges from 700 to 2,000 Euros per week.

When selecting accommodation, be sure to pay attention to some important points:

  • The thing is that in Montenegro the water supply is sometimes cut off. Be sure to find out if the owners have a water tank.
  • In addition, you must take into account how close the accommodation is to the sea, markets, restaurants, bus stops, and shops.
  • If you are traveling on your own or in a rented car, check for parking nearby.

Where to eat?

Where to eat – a lunch for two in MontenegroYou can arrange meals on your own by purchasing food at the supermarket. The price range varies depending on the place of stay – a village or a city.

In order not to create problems, you can eat in different restaurants and cafes.

For example, you will pay 25 Euros for lunch for two, consisting of a soup, main course, and dessert. The servings are very large and the food itself is nourishing. In addition, a side dish is included in the price of the main course.

It is unlikely that you will find tea there – only herbal preparations are sold, so take the tea with you.

Means of transport

How to move – the cheapest taxi – Red taxi

  • Renting a car is the best option for independent rest. The prices range from 20 to 100 Euros per day depending on the car make.
    Montenegro is a very picturesque country, so there is a great choice of interesting routes for cars.
    There are no toll roads in the country, except for the Sozina Tunnel.
    In the mountainous terrain, special speed limits should be observed.
  • The bus runs around the coast once an hour. Ticket prices are relatively low.
    A ticket from Bar to Tivat will cost you 5 Euros, and from Bar to Sutomore – 1 Euro.
  • Taxi – Remember that the Red line taxi is the cheapest in Montenegro, and the price is 0.50 Euros per kilometer.


After having developed all details about how to rest in Montenegro on your own, be sure to buy insurance, because on vacation there are often unforeseen situations.

Treatment may cost more than the cost of the entire trip. Therefore, the purchase of an insurance policy is a prerequisite for staying in the country.

Medical services for foreign citizens in Montenegro are provided only by private companies for a fee.

If for some reason, you still have not bought insurance, then you should know that foreigners have the right to apply to any medical institution – the hospital or the “House of Health”, where they will receive paid medical care.
In addition, on the slopes of the mountains, a duty of doctors with special stripes with a red cross was organized to provide emergency assistance to climbers.

Reviews about independent rest in Montenegro

  • Review of Egor about his independent trip to Montenegro after his weddingEgor and Alena, Magnitogorsk:
    “After the wedding, we immediately went to Montenegro. We planned the trip independently.
    We decided to start it from Kotor, and then travel around the country to enjoy its scenic views and feel its spirit. To do this, we rented a car online and booked a hotel for a couple of days.
    Having rolled on the beach, and eaten delicious food, we went to “free floating”, because we did not book rooms anywhere else and have never regretted this because it is easy to rent a house in Montenegro. Our romantic rest was a big success.
    We visited wild beaches and city beaches which are very cool. The last few days we lived in Rafailovici.
    My wife and I think that it is here that we will come after the birth of our future children since it is a very calm and clean place.”.
  • Review of Alexey and Marina from Kuloi about their independent trip to MontenegroAlexey and Marina, Kuloi:
    “This year we rested in Montenegro, in Bar, independently.
    The main criteria for choosing a country were simple enough: inexpensive rest, not to bother with visas, clean sea, and plenty of sights. We don’t know any languages, so the absence of a language barrier was important for us. All this we fully received in Montenegro. We rented an apartment in Bar for 30 Euros per day.
    Sometimes we ate at home as there was a huge supermarket Volle nearby, where the prices are several times lower than ours. Very often we went to cafes with their delicious national cuisine. You can have a good meal for 5 Euros.
    We drove around the coast by bus, seeing local sights. We didn’t even expect our independent rest to be so inexpensive and colorful! ”

VIDEO: Coolness rolls over!

Fishing in MontenegroGreat family rest by car – fishing in Montenegro. It is possible to combine the active and beach rest.

Why shopping in Podgorica is interesting Look for the answer in our article.

Do not forget to visit the famous monastery Ostrog –  the information is provided here.

Reviews about independent rest in Budva

  • Alisa - reviews about an independent rest with a friend in BudvaAlisa, Omsk: “My friend and I are very fond of taking pictures, so for the independent summer trip, we chose the city of Budva in Montenegro.
    It seemed to us suitable both for a beach holiday and for excursions.
    Having booked a cheap hotel on the Internet not far from the old part of the city, we already anticipated what wonderful photos we would bring from Montenegro. In the morning we went to the beach to shoot the wonderful dawns. Then we bathed and sunbathed. All beaches are fine-pebbled and are often cleaned.
    But, for us the main thing is photography.
    Therefore, almost every day we went on excursions that started from Budva, picking up tourists along the way from other small towns. We came in the evening satisfied, tired, with a huge number of photographs, which we then viewed, sitting in the cafes of the old city. Sometimes we climbed the fortress to shoot picturesque views and sunsets.”.

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