Trip to Croatia by car: the subtle aspects of the few thousand kilometers long rally

В Хорватию на автомобиле

Croatia is a land of plenty attracting travelers from all post-Soviet countries, some of which are satisfied with banal flight and standard itineraries. But there are brave men who are not afraid of the long-distance motor rally. We will tell about the subtle aspects of the trip to Croatia by car, about the choice of the route and distance, about possible costs and difficulties, and preparing the necessary documents.

To Croatia by car – selecting the best route

Road trip to CroatiaIt may seem to the untrained eye that the journey by car is long and tedious one.

The price difference between a trip by car and a flight is small, so is it worth it? Definitely, it is.

Here are the main advantages of the car tour:

  • family cohesion (overcoming common difficulties brings together);
  • the opportunity to see several countries in one trip;
  • free route (you choose the sights that you want to visit);
  • savings on travel within Croatia itself (public transport is more expensive than just purchasing gasoline); and
  • spirit of adventure (nothing compares to this).

The price of the pleasure

The price of travel to Croatia by carIt is difficult to calculate the universal trip costs – the prices for gas, food and accommodation constantly fluctuate.

Here is what we’ve found out:

  • Reservation of apartments – 200-330 Euros (for 10 days);
  • Green card – 17 Euros;
  • Transit hotels – 45-50 Euros (with breakfast); and
  • Travel expenses (toll highways + gasoline) – about 200 Euros.

Features of travelling with a child

Having decided to go to Croatia by car with your children, get ready to face the specifics of the driving regulations.

For example, the availability of a restraint system is mandatory. You will need a special chair for an older child (under 12). At the same time, you still have to pay for the additional visa and medical insurance.

A small passenger can hardly sit in one place for several hours in a row, so think over stops and intermediate entertainment. It is also necessary to observe the regime and put the baby to bed in time.
Therefore, the number of points in your route will increase.

Now let’s talk about pleasant things.

Croatia meets a number of key requirements of a caring parent to a resort.

Travelling with children to CroatiaHere are the advantages:

  • mild climate;
  • an abundance of children’s sanatoriums, camps and family hotels;
  • comfortable accommodation (apartments and hotels are located near cities, so you can easily find a children’s doctor if necessary);
  • clear water and quality beaches with comfortable descent;
  • balanced meals and menus for children of different ages; and
  • the abundance of entertainment (animation, water slides, playgrounds).

Dalmatia is an ideal place for family holidays – it is here that it is better to book accommodation.

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You will also need the following documents:

  • international driver’s license;
  • national driver’s license;
  • car insurance;
  • international passport; and
  • medical insurance.
Experienced travelers save money by spending the night in campsites or simply in a forest belt.
This makes sense, considering that one night in a motel costs from 30 to 100 Euros.
Thus, you save about 300-400 Euros.

Here are some final tips:

  1. Get a second driver – otherwise, you will fall into a ditch because of fatigue.
  2. Learn European traffic rules – the fines there are the wildest ones in the European Union.

Have a nice trip!

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