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Shopping in Albania – presents for everybody
Шоппинг в Албании

Shopping is always associated with something pleasant, but sometimes it brings not only positive emotions. Often it becomes exhausting and after a long search for souvenirs for family members, one begins to think whether it was worth the time and money spent. Shopping in Albania means a great amusement both for shopaholics who came in the sales season and for ordinary tourists who want to take a piece of the country with them.

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Where are the best shopping places in Italy? Let’s walk through the local boutiques and make a comparison with shopping in Spain
Где в Италии лучше заняться шоппингом

What could be more enjoyable than combining your vacation with active shopping? Shopping in Italy is extremely profitable: an abundance of boutiques and outlets, frequent sales, and discount systems.

To enjoy the bonuses, you need to correctly choose the time of the trip, know everything about the key retail outlets of the Adriatic Sea, and imagine their location.

We will not only make an overview of the Italian resort stores but will also tell you about tax refunds which are extremely relevant for a shopaholic. This article will reveal the secrets of successful shopping in the Italian style: when and where Italy offers the best shopping, when you can enjoy both the sea and shopping →

Outlet stores in Rimini are great places for family shopping
Шоппинг в Римини

In addition to the possibility of a pleasant holiday at the sea and unique excursions, shopping in Rimini is one of the main pursuits. Suburbs are a real discovery for shopping amateurs.

The trade in fakes is strictly surveyed in Italy. Stores selling fakes are fined in the harshest possible way, and may be forced to change collections or completely closed. Therefore, only those products that are produced in Italy or in the country declared on the label are sold in outlet stores.

Useful information about shopping in Rimini outlets: how to get there using map of Italy, addresses, reviews, and prices →

Shopping tours in Rimini – a paradise for low-cost shopping amateurs
Шоппинг в Римини Италия отзывы туристов

There is a good reason why tourists select the Italian resort town of Rimini. It is the perfect place to swim, sunbathe, see the sights, and combine all this with fascinating shopping. It is impossible to leave Rimini without shopping since the city is a paradise for shopaholics.
Italy – shopping in Rimini – prices are unusually low – these words are holy to them. How to go to Rimini for shopping, addresses of shops, how to choose tours and escorts? →