Outlet stores in Rimini are great places for family shopping

Шоппинг в Римини

In addition to the possibility of a pleasant holiday at the sea and unique excursions, shopping in Rimini is one of the main pursuits. Suburbs are a real discovery for shopping amateurs.

The trade in fakes is strictly surveyed in Italy. Stores selling fakes are fined in the harshest possible way, and may be forced to change collections or completely closed. Therefore, only those products that are produced in Italy or in the country declared on the label are sold in outlet stores.

Shopping in Rimini – outlets for advantageous Italian purchases

Many outlets are located in the industrial zones of Rimini and San Marino. This is clearly seen from the location of Rimini outlets on the map of Italy:

Outlets in Rimini on a map of Italy

As a rule, these are multi-brand outlets with old collections, selling goods at a 30-70% discount. The cost of new collections is not greatly reduced.

How to get to the outlets?

In Rimini, you can independently get to the outlets by the following modes of transport:

  • public transport,
  • by car; and,
  • by train.

Some travel agencies offer special shopping tours to the Rimini outlets. Excursion programs often also include visiting outlets.

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Product selection

  • First of all, it is advantageous to buy middle-class clothes produced by Italian factories, namely.
  • Leather Goods. This includes a wide variety of bags, belts, wallets, as well as jackets since there are many factories producing such goods in the suburbs of the resort.
  • Clothes for children and teenagers.
  • Sunglasses sold in Rimini outlets are the cheapest in the country.
  • Products very small and very large in sizes.

Sights of Rimini:

  • Piazza Cavour is the central square of the city, surrounded by magnificent palaces. In the Palazzo del Arengo Palace you can see the ancient fresco “The Last Judgment” made by one of the students of the famous Giotto. The statue of Pope Paul V and the marvelous Fontana della Pigna fountain of the 16th century, which once caused admiration for Leonardo da Vinci himself, are also located on the square.
  • Arch of Augustus is the oldest building erected in 27 BC. Earlier, Arch was part of the fortress wall, which surrounded the city, as well as the main gate of Rimini.
  • Roman amphitheater, only ruins of which we can see today, and the Tiberius Bridge, which is still used for its intended purpose.
  • Sigismondo Castle built in the 15th century as a residence for the city ruler Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta. Now the castle houses the Ethnographic Museum of Rimini and the Museum of Non-European Cultures.
  • Park “Italy in miniature”. With its borders, the park completely repeats the contours of the Apennine Peninsula, with copies of the most famous sights of Italy – the Roman Colosseum, temples, and volcanoes located on its territory. Special attention is paid to the “Venice”, which occupies a fairly large area, and allows even a ride on a gondola on the Grand Canal.

Work schedule

Shops are open from Monday to Saturday from 9-9.30 am till 7-8 pm. The majority of them have a break for three hours, from 12.30 to 15.30. Outlets are closed in the days of the country’s public holidays, such as Christmas, New Year, Republic Day, etc.

Sales Seasons

The best bargains in Rimini are offered in January and August.

In winter, sales take place in January-February until the first week of March. In summer, sales take place in July and August.

Leading Outlets: Addresses, Schedule, Specialty

In Rimini, there are a lot of outlets, and below is the list of the largest and most popular of them:

  • Bluerain up Outlet is very conveniently located on the main street Via G. Garibaldi, 79. Here is a wide selection of clothing of Italian brands (both for men and women). Work schedule: without days off – from 10 to 20.00 with a break for lunch from 13.00 to 16.00. A permanent discount of 70% is available year-round.
  • Gross Rimini Outlet is one of the largest outlets with a great selection of shoes and clothes, which is located on Via Coriano, 58. The outlet consists of 100 warehouses where brands like Gucci, Roberto Cavalli, Armani, Marino Fabiani, D&G, Diesel, and others are sold. It even sells electronics and furniture, high-quality underwear, and everything for the interior. The outlet works seven days a week from 8.00 to 20.00. It is believed that the value of the goods here is the lowest one. Regular bus number 8 runs from the local train station to the Gross Rimini Outlet.
  • Baldinini Outlet is located on via Rio Salto Tratto 24. It works daily at the factory, from 9 to 19.00, except for Sunday. It offers collections of shoes for men and women, bags and accessories. Discounts reach 30-70%. You can get there by bus number 8 from the train station to the final stop, and by car along the A14 highway.
  • Veneto Designer Outlet (Noventa di Piave) refers to the luxury outlets. It works without a break for lunch and seven days a week – from 10 to 20.00. There are 200 boutiques with collections of clothes, fashionable shoes, luxury perfumes, cosmetics, numerous interior items, and sporting goods. Buyers will find almost all famous brands. Discounts reach 35-70%. Tourists will enjoy free parking, a playground for children, and a restaurant. You can reach there by train from the San Dono Jesolo station (Venice – Trieste line); by car by the A-4 Venice-Trieste road, and by bus from the San Donà di Piave station.
  • Queen Outlet is located in San Marino, 40 minutes from Rimini, on Via Tre Settembre, 3 San Marino. It hosts shops of such brands as Baldinini, Elena Miro, Frankie Morello, Roberto Cavalli, Motivi, Les Copains, and others. The boutiques present clothes for men, women and children from the previous seasons with a constant annual discount of 30-70%.
  • Outlet Calzaturificio Pollini is located at Viale Amerigo Vespucci, 83. There you will find a huge selection of leather goods and footwear of Pollini brand. The work schedule is daily from 9.30 to 12.30, and then from 15.30 to 19.30. You can get there by Rimini tram, as well as by the SS 16 highway.
  • La Coccinella Outlet is located at Via Pascoli, 27, Santarcangelo di Romagna. It is a designer outlet with shoes and fashionable children’s clothes from such brands as Kickers, Geox Kids, Ben10, Chao Bimbi, Falcotto, Adidas, Barbie, Teddy Bay, Primigi and others. It works seven days a week from 9 to 12.30 and from 16.30 to 19.30. It often offers special bonuses, and discounts can reach even 50%. You can get the outlet along SP14 highway.

Who needs to go to Rimini outlets:

  • Those who need inexpensive clothes;
  • Those who do not care about fashion trends;
  • Those who want to buy in bulk and at the best price;
  • Those who want a full wardrobe for 500 Euros;
  • Those who want to buy a cheap fur coat; and
  • Those who need natural Italian shoes.

Prices in Rimini outlets

The price of products in Rimini and San Marino outlets is not different from each other. However, in San Marino, unlike Rimini, VAT is not included in the price. It can be refunded at the airport

What can tourists expect when shopping in Rimini outlets? So, if you have 1,000 Euros, you can safely buy 3-4 sets of clothes, including shoes and fashion accessories. Good fur coat will cost you 700-1,500 Euros, a sheepskin coat – from 400 Euros, and a leather jacket – 150-200 Euros.

A real Italian bag in Rimini will cost you 30 Euros only!

Here are some other price examples:

  • Baldinini shoes – 80 Euros;
  • Bags – 30 Euros;
  • Italian brand shirts – 30 Euros;
  • Italian brand dresses – 40-50 Euros;
  • Underwear of famous brands – 25 Euros;
  • Shoes from genuine leather will cost 50 Euros on average, and ankle boots – 60.

Tax-Free Return Policy

Rules of Tax Free in RiminiThere are no special restrictions on the export of goods. The minimum amount from which the tax is refunded is 154.94 Euros. According to the official rules, such money must be spent in any stores in one day.

However, the practice shows that Tax-Free is validated only for the purchases in one store and even from one seller. There are no tax refund limits. However, you can get in hands no more than 999.5 Euros.

The procedure for obtaining Tax-Free:

  1. At the store, you must take a special receipt with your passport, home address, and refund amount.
  2. Assign a stamp at the customs, showing the goods that should not be in use. You can receive money at the airport from the relevant Cash refund company.
  3. Tax-free can also be credited to the card or you can send the forms by mail to the address of the company with your credit card number. The money will be credited to the card in 5 days from the moment of receiving the form at the Cash refund point or 3 weeks thereafter if sending it by mail.

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