Ski resorts of Montenegro: Zabljak, Kolašin, and others

Ski resorts of Montenegro

They say that the ski resorts of Montenegro allow forgetting about the Alps. In 1893, Norwegian officers brought skis here for the first time. Since then, winter has become a nostalgic season for Montenegrins and its guests.

Mountain slopes occupy almost the entire territory of this tiny Balkan country. From December to April, there is a real paradise for skiers and snowboarders here – 120 snow days. Unspoilt nature, unsurpassed views, and authentic home cooking attract more and more tourists to the new European paradise.

Affordable ski passes, multi-level tracks, and lack of queues at the ski lifts, these are some more reasons why you should go to Montenegro in the winter. Do not miss the chance to visit one of the most fabulous places in the world.

Top ski resorts in Montenegro

Montenegro offers lovers of winter sports more than 30 km of skiing runs distributed over four mountain regions. The largest ski center today is Kolašin 1,450 m, where half of the country’s ski slopes are concentrated.

The new resort Kolašin 1,600 m recently settled in the same area. Other ski areas are fancifully scattered throughout the country – in Durmitor, Zabljak, and Lokva. Let’s consider the most popular of them.

Kolašin 1450

The main ski resort is a 20-minute drive from the center of the city of the same name. It is famous for its slopes with a total length of 16.5 km and developed infrastructure, which invested about 8 million euros.

Located near the “air spa”, the Biogradska Gora nature reserve, Kolašin is considered a wonderful wellness center.

A wide range of services is offered to guests:

  • 6 lifts with a total capacity of 5,460 people per hour;
  • equipment rental;
  • recreation centers for children and adults;
  • night skiing;
  • reports from the weather center;
  • schools with professional instructors.

Lifts vary in length and capacity:

  • Vilina Voda – 1,258 m, 1,600 people/hour;
  • Children’s lift Kolašin – 100 m, 500 people/hour;
  • Tsarevo – 500 m, 720 people/hour;
  • Kupovi – 1,840 m, 1200 people/hour;
  • Key – 400 m, 720 people/hour;
  • Ezerin – 300 m, 720 people/hour.

The resort is located at an altitude of 1,450 m to 1,973 m. The slopes and pistes are well-groomed, divided, and marked. This place is popular not only among professional athletes. Many skiers of primary and intermediate levels of training come here who want to improve their skills.

Good quality of snow slopes and a reasonable pricing policy of the resort will allow enjoying your vacation to the fullest.

Compared to alpine resorts, prices in Kolašin can be considered token:

  • ski pass – €15 (€11 – for a child);
  • rental of ski equipment for one day – €10 (€8 – for a child);
  • storage of ski equipment at the base – from €3;
  • instructor services – €25.


Visitors are provided with several accommodation options:

  • hotel complexes with direct access to the ski lifts, as well as special places for storing and renting equipment (Apartments Greenstone, Chalets Shcherbina);
  • Apart-hotels for a relaxing family holiday with children (Apartments Breza):
  • Wellness hotels with spa (Bianca Resor &Spa, B&B Kolašin).


Tourists are invited to explore many interesting places:

  • Kolašin Museum;
  • Savova and Vranstica caves;
  • the closest mountain peaks Ostrovitsa (1,767 m), Yablonovo-Brdo (1,543 m), Umovi (1,944 m), Zechka (1,353 m), Doni Lumer (1,732 m);
  • six glacial lakes, including the famous Biograd Lake (at an altitude of 1,094 m).
Best time and means of arrival

An unforgettable winter holiday experience is guaranteed for those who visit the resort during the high tourist season – January-February. At this time, buses run from the city center – from the former Lipka Hotel. Departure at 9 am and 12 pm, fare – €1.

The resort is also easily accessible by car or train. The nearest railway stations to Kolašin include:

  • Oblutak (5.05 km);
  • Trebalevo (7.72 km);
  • Kos (9.31 km).

Kolašin 1600

In December 2018, a new pearl of winter tourism in Ski resorts of Montenegro, the Kolašin 1600 ski resort, was opened. Its infrastructure operates a total of about 4.6 km of ski slopes. At the new resort, one six-seat lift is installed so far.



This resort is sheltered at the foot of the Durmitor massif in the northwestern part of Montenegro. It has a significant difference in altitudes – from 1,400 m to 2,181 m.

This is the highest and most beautiful place in the Balkan open spaces. The local nature reserve is famous for its amazing 1,500-species diversity of flora.

The most popular ski centers in Zabljak are Savin Kuk and Yavorovacha. Each of them deserves a separate description.

Savin Cook

This ski center is located at an altitude of 2,000 m in the territory of the Durmitor National Park, 5 km from the town of Zabljak. In total, it occupies 5 km of ski runs with a total capacity of up to 3,000 skiers.

The infrastructure of the resort includes:

  • two ropeways;
  • three lifts for adults (two chairlifts and one drag, equipped with reflectors and for night skiing);
  • two children’s lifts;
  • rescue service;
  • emergency medical service station;
  • sporting goods and equipment rental;
  • schools for snowboarders and skiers;
  • food items.

Prices for ski passes in Savin Kuk remain at €12 euros for an adult skier and €8 euros for a child. The resort is easily accessible by car. Bus service is often organized here from Podgorica.


This small skiing center with winding tracks (total length of 800 m) is also located in the Zabljak area. Its infrastructure includes:

  • 3 lifts (including children);
  • tracks for night skiing;
  • ski school.

The open slopes of Yavorovocha resort are ideal for beginners and floodlights illuminating the slopes at night provide truly magical skiing.

Accommodation in Zabljak

Tourists should consider the following accommodation options:

  • residences designed specifically for skiers with ideal conditions for storing sports equipment (Etno Selo Sljeme, Golubović Apartments);
  • hotels with direct access to the ski area (Family Apartments);
  • hotels located close to ski equipment rental points (Apartments Pejovic);
  • hotels selling ski passes (Apartments Šarović, MB Hotel);
  • wellness centers with spa (Polar Star, Hotel Soa, Ski Hotel).


Ecotourism lovers will be attracted by the numerous natural “highlights” of the region:

  • the majestic mountain peaks of Goli Vrh (1,568 m), Durmitor (2,522 m), Štit (2,236 m),
  • Vrsak (1,719 m), Mali-Kralujevac (1,629) m), Vis (1,677 m);
  • charming lake Govedge;
  • bewitching caves of Titov, Elovachka, Ledenitsa, etc.

Best time and means of arrival

The best month for skiing in Zabljak is January. Arrival by plane is recommended. The nearest airports to the resort:

  • Dubrovnik (IATA: DBV), (96.45 km);
  • Sarajevo (IATA: SJJ), (98 km).


The ski center Vucje is located about 20 km from Niksic in the direction of Zabljak, at an altitude of more than 1,300 meters, on the slopes of the Krnovo plateau. At the disposal of its guests:

  • recreational route with a length of 1,200 m;
  • two 120-meter ski slopes;
  • snowboard park with jumps;
  • ropeway with a capacity of 200 people per hour.

The cost of renting ski equipment is €10 per day, which corresponds to the price of a daily ski pass. Access to the ski area for children and beginners, as well as sled rental, will cost only €5.

In addition to the ski center, the Vucje tourist and recreational complex includes a rental and repair service for ski equipment. Accustomed to comfort, a 3-star hotel with a restaurant welcomes you.

Ski resorts of Montenegro: Haila

After inaction for 13 years, this ski center was reopened in 2017. Haila is one of the most magnificent peaks of Montenegro. It is located on the border with Kosovo.

Reaching 2,403 m, Haila is the highest point of the Montenegrin part of the Prokletie massif.

There are two ski schools in the ski resort: Rozaje and Turzhak. Both of them are known by experienced instructors with international licenses. Safe skiing equipment is installed on the track:

  • safety guards;
  • markers;
  • mountain rescue services;
  • medical equipment for emergency assistance in case of possible injuries.

On the Turzhak 2 track, the snowboard club Leap organized a school for snowboarders with a five-day training course.



This ski center settled on Mount Kmilevitsa, at an altitude of 1,350 to 1,700 m, 15 km from Berane, next to the main road in Rožaj. Not far from it, there is a hotel of the same name Lokve, which after privatization has not worked for the past few years.

Due to the bewitching nature and proximity of the road to Serbia, Lokve has every chance of becoming an exclusive winter attraction in the northern part of Montenegro.

Currently, the length of the local routes is about 5 km. In the center of the resort, three lifts were built: one double chairlift and two ski lifts. The one-day cost of sports equipment for adults is €10, for children – €7 (for the smallest – €5).

Did you know that …

Some ski resorts in Montenegro allow even sledding and skiing in the summer. This is possible, for example, in the area of ​​Velika Kalitsa, where snow falls in July, often forming snowdrifts 2-3 m high.

Montenegro’s restaurants generously treat visitors to meat and fish delicacies. Here, under the mulled wine, you will be served delicious fried sausages (chevapchichi), prosciutto (dried pork ham), and stewed seafood with the aroma of a wood-burning stove.

In addition to the above tourist destinations, you can find many small ski centers in Montenegro. For example, in Belasitsa and Sinyaevin (8.5 km from Kolasin) there are beautiful ski slopes (only 15 km). Excursions from Kolasin hotels are organized there. The cable car in Belasice has a length of 1,840 m and can accommodate up to 1,200 guests.