Slovenian ski resorts: options for every taste

Slovenian ski resorts

Slovenian ski resorts can be a great holiday option in the winter. The picturesque ecological area attracts tourists with a good infrastructure for living and recreation, as well as affordable prices. Advanced lovers of snowboarding and skiing, beginners, lovers of winter entertainment come here. For each category of holidaymakers, there are slopes of different difficulty levels, and alpine school trainers can teach you snowboarding, skiing, sledding, mountain climbing on frozen waterfalls.

Slovenian ski resorts

Tourists have already appreciated the possibilities of Slovenian ski resorts. There is a large selection of hotels with different amounts of “stars”, high-quality and safe slopes and lifts, ski schools, including schools for children. But even after an active day in the mountains, tourists have something to do:

  • relax in the thermal pools;
  • relax in the spa;
  • visit cafes and bars;
  • go to the disco.

Remember that Slovenia is a beautiful country, with a huge number of picturesque lakes, forests, and rivers, so you can have an excursion to any area of ​​interest. The proximity of Austria, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, and the Adriatic Sea significantly expands the excursion map.


Who might be interested in holidays in the ski resorts of Slovenia? First of all, lovers of sports, outdoor activities, and healthy lifestyles. You can relax here with your friends or family, successfully combining sports with educational excursions and treatment in terms.
Slovenian ski resorts are not as popular as Italian, French or Austrian, but this is their advantage because with the same level of service in Slovenia, your vacation will be much cheaper. This opportunity is used by students and schoolchildren who have a chance to master the ski slopes with a minimum cost.

Resorts Features

All ski resorts in the country are located in the Julian Alps. The highest point is Triglav (2,863 m). This mountain is considered difficult for skiing, but it is the best not only for skiers and snowboarders but also for climbers.

Most of the Julian Alps have an average height of about 2,000 meters. At this height, a solid snow cover lasts about three months, sometimes longer. The ski season usually starts in December and ends in March or April.

In Slovenia, there are ski resorts that have been operating for more than a dozen years. The infrastructure is well developed here, and prices are much higher than in younger resorts. The most famous resorts are Rogla, Maribor Pohorje, Kranjska Gora, and Krvavets. The most affordable are Tserkno, Vogel, Kobla, and Bovets-Kanin.

When choosing a resort, you need to focus not only on prices but also on the list of services provided, since there are locations only for professionals or only for beginners and children. Most resorts have all kinds of slopes, which significantly expands the range of vacationers.

Slovenian ski resorts: Bohinj


The resort is located by Lake Bohinj in the Triglav nature reserve. It includes the following ski centers: Kobla, Vogel, and Sorishka Planina. There are tracks of all difficulty levels located in the range from 550 to 1,800 meters.

Vogel is located on the Zhagaryev cave, which is considered the longest ski slope in the country. There are several schools in the resort that teach regular and cross-country skiing. There is the second most important snowboarding center in Slovenia. The illumination of the slopes allows evening skiing. You can come here with young children; there is a kindergarten and a snow park. The resort is more suitable for beginners.

In Koble the artificial snow system is well-developed. During a snowless winter, it can cover 70% of the slopes with artificial snow in a few days.

Near the Bohinj Lake there is another small resort for families – Sorishka Planina. The slopes are designed for people with an average level of training and for amateurs.


The resort is popular with beginners and intermediate skiers. This is a place where schoolchildren and students like to relax during the winter holidays. There is a ski school, equipment rental, a children’s playground, a stadium, and a kindergarten. In the evening you can relax in nightclubs, discos, spas, sled or ski on a specially illuminated slope. The highlight of the resort is the Igloo Village snow hotel.


The resort consists of two locations. In Rogla there are slopes, in Terme Zreče there are therapeutic baths. The distance between them is 17 km. This is a unique place where alpine skiing can be combined with a wellness program.

It is great to relax with your family, including young children as there is a snowy Fun Park, a ski school, entertainment, and educational events. Rogla has a center for snowboarding and cross-country skiing. You can ski here in a range of heights from 300 m to 1.5 km. There are slopes of all difficulty levels. Sports lovers can visit the sauna, a pool, play squash, basketball, football, and handball.


This is a city in the Alps, which is the highest Slovenian resort. There are slopes of all difficulty levels, where you can ski at an altitude of 980 m to 2.3 km. The diverse terrain and the valley overlooking the sea give the resort a special appeal. The border with Italy is in 18 minutes’ drive, so guests have the opportunity to ski in several countries at once.

Due to the height at the resort, it is almost always sunny, there is a lot of dry snow and no ice crust on the snow. The snow may stay on the slopes up until May.

Most of the local slopes are designed for advanced skiers, and some, for example, “Krnitsa”, are recommended to ski on only with an instructor. “Ravelnik” and “Chessocha” are slopes for beginners and children, “Kanin” is for professionals.

Bovec-Kanin also attracts lovers of all types of extreme holidays with its possibilities. You can fly over the mountains on a paraglider, canoe down a mountain river and go mountain climbing through icy waterfalls.

Slovenian ski resorts: Kranjska Gora

The resort is located just a few kilometers from Italy and Austria. Part of the territory belongs to the Triglav National Park. Kranjska Gora is located at an altitude of about 800 m in the alpine valley. Novice skiers and amateurs come here, although there are 18 slopes of all difficulty levels. The slopes are located at an altitude of 800 to 1,200 m. The location is interesting for the youth and is suitable for families. The resort has a developed entertainment infrastructure. There are several casinos, a night club, pubs, a disco, restaurants, a billiard club, and shops. You can also go ice skating, sledding, take snowboarding and mountaineering lessons on frozen waterfalls, do ski jumping or relax in the jacuzzi.

In Kranjska Gora, you can witness one of the international competitions held by the Ski Federation.

Maribor Pohorje

The resort is known for the longest slope in Europe with giant swings and artificial lighting. It is one of the most popular ski resorts in Slovenia. This is the place where the Golden Fox takes place – a stage of alpine skiing World Cup.

The resort has 27 slopes of all difficulty levels, one of which (7 km) is for night skiing. The height of the slopes is from 325 to 1,327 m.

Outside the slopes you can relax in nightclubs, bars, take thermal baths in the Habakuk hotel’s wellness center. There are playgrounds, kindergartens, a ski school and a special slope for children. It is convenient to go sightseeing in Ljubljana and Maribor.


One of the youngest ski resorts in Slovenia, therefore, it is equipped with new equipment only, and the lift system is considered the fastest in the country. The length of nine slopes is 18 km. Mostly skiers with an average level of training come here.

You can also come to Tserkno with children; there is a kindergarten in the form of a wooden hut, 2 travelators in a ski kindergarten, and a school. In the snowy “Fun Park” you can try performing extreme stunts.

The most popular holiday destination is a restaurant with an outdoor terrace and views of Mount Triglav.



The resort has topped the ranking of the best in Slovenia several times. Most of the local slopes are red, there are also treadmills and a freeride zone. The length of 22 slopes is 12 km. The White Hare school is open for children, where they teach skiing and arrange educational and recreational activities. Outside the slopes, tourists like to snowshoe in the mountains and paraglide.

Stari Vrh

Stari Vrh has 9 slopes 12 km long. They are designed for professionals and skiers with all levels of training. One slope is for amateurs and beginners. In addition to the ski infrastructure, there is also a slope for sleigh rides. The highlight of the resort is the elevators with heated cabins (in Slovenia there are no more heated cabin anywhere else).

Tourists are offered extreme rides in the snow park, tobogganing on a special slope, night sleigh and ski rides with an entertainment program. You can also go sightseeing in Ljubljana, which is 35 km from the resort.


This ski center is located near Ljubljana. Tourists are attracted by the magnificent panoramas of the Alps and forests. From the highest point of the resort, you can see the Gulf of Trieste, the Julian Alps, the Karavanke mountain range, and Mount Snezhnik. There are not many people here, so the place is suitable for a relaxing and secluded vacation. There are only a few slopes 7 km long, but there are comfortable conditions for skiers with different levels of training. You can ski at an altitude of 800 m to 1.2 km.

Bled Strazha

The resort is located in a picturesque area near the city of Bled. People who are just going to learn to ski come here. The height of the resort is 645 m. It allows you to undergo training in perfect conditions. You can also come here with children as special programs are arranged for children.

There are no professional slopes here therefore, there is more focus on entertainment, rather than training. This is a great place for those who do not want to overpay for things they don’t use, so students often come here. There is a ski school, night skiing, cross-country trails, and you can always go to the neighboring resorts of Bohinj and Kranjska Gora by ski-bus.

How to choose a suitable resort?

From the variety of ski resorts in Slovenia, it is important to choose the right one. It is not recommended to go to an expensive resort if you do not know how to ski, and you should not save if you are a professional. Slovenian resorts are great in terms of options they offer considering the optimal ratio of price and quality.

The choice needs to be made based on their goals, as some people need to ski all day long, and others just need to take a couple of snowboard lessons, and others want a vibrant nightlife and intensive sightseeing.

A ski vacation can be combined with a wellness holiday by choosing a resort close to the Roman Thermae, Therme Catež, and Strunjan. You can also visit interesting historical places, such as Bled and Maribor castles, karst caves of Postojnska and Shkotsyansk and many others.