Yachting and renting a yacht at the Adriatic

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Sailing regattas in Croatia: competitions and trips across the Adriatic for everyone
Хорватия: парусная регата

Yachting in Croatia is a passion since once having taken part in a yacht trip or regatta, a person will want to repeat them over and over again. But why not to be passionate about yachting? This is very exciting, and the impressions are extremely bright.

If, in addition to traveling, you want to add the competitive spirit, then you have a direct route to the sailing regatta.

The regatta on the Adriatic Sea is a very interesting event, and at the same time it is safer than a regatta in other water areas despite the rugged coast and many islands, and еру currents making yachtsmen constantly be in good shape. However, there are no strong storms here, so you can feel confident

If you want to plunge into the exciting world of racing under full sail, then become a member of a regatta in Croatia→

The right approach to choosing a yacht: the purchase, registration and maintenance of yachts in Montenegro
Как купить яхту в Черногории

Residents of Europe, thinking about moving to Montenegro, begin their journey with the acquisition of real estate, but soon they have a need for a yacht and a car. Car companies are widely known, but how to buy a yacht in Montenegro?

Our task is to shed light on the Montenegrin yachting market, designate price boundaries, and tell about the additional costs related to the maintenance of the future purchase.

The purchased yacht must be registered – we will also write about this procedure in a separate subsection.

If you have long been dreaming of taking the helm in your hands and thinking that buying a yacht is only available to moneybags, you are mistaken, read our article on how to buy a yacht in Montenegro →

Purchasing a yacht in Croatia – the opportunity of sea travel at any time
Как купить яхту в Хорватии

The coast of Croatia is one of the best places for yachting. Here are great environmental conditions, beautiful views and many modern, fully equipped marinas, where you can stop while travelling and moor the yacht. All this attracts many amateurs of yacht trips and competitions to Croatia. If you are not interested in regular yachting, you can charter a vessel, however, if you are planning to spend holidays and weekends on a boat or you want to make money on a charter, then it’s time to buy a yacht in Croatia. Imagine that among hundreds of snow-white yachts, you finally find your own – buying a yacht in Croatia is a moment worth feeling out →