Purchasing a yacht in Croatia – the opportunity of sea travel at any time

Как купить яхту в Хорватии

The coast of Croatia is one of the best places for yachting. Here are great environmental conditions, beautiful views and many modern, fully equipped marinas, where you can stop while travelling and moor the yacht. All this attracts many amateurs of yacht trips and competitions to Croatia. If you are not interested in regular yachting, you can charter a vessel, however, if you are planning to spend holidays and weekends on a boat or you want to make money on a charter, then it’s time to buy a yacht in Croatia.

Buying and selling yachts in Croatia

Buying a yacht should not be spontaneous; otherwise, you can get a lot of additional problems instead of pleasure.

Often, the future owners of the pleasure craft think about its:

  • sizes,
  • design,
  • comfort level; and
  • equipment.

They completely forget about the fact that the yacht needs to be maintained, provided with mooring, that is, you will need to constantly spend money on it.

Before buying a yacht, you need to decide on the following:

  • How much are you willing to spend on it?
  • What amount you can allocate for its maintenance and mooring?
  • How often will you use your boat?
  • How many people are you planning to take on board?

The choice of the yacht will depend on the answers to these questions.

You can buy a new ship, but this will not be a cheap purchase. A used boat is much cheaper, but it may soon require repair.

It is more comfortable to travel on a big yacht, you can invite guests, but the mooring will be much more expensive.

Which boat to buy, sailing or motor one? This is also a question with an ambiguous answer.

A motorized boat moves faster and does not require the participation of several people in handling, but it needs fuel, as well as maintenance, which often can only be provided by specialists.

A sailing yacht is first of all the silence during the voyage. The operating costs of a sailing yacht are much lower.

In Croatia, yachts are sold all year round.

Before the beginning and at the very beginning of the season the price is always higher because at this time the demand is also higher. Off the yachting season, you can count on discounts.

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People preferring outdoor activities, go sailing in Croatia. There is everything for this type of rest.

Prices for yachts in Croatia

Prices can be different. Everything depends on:

  • the year of the boat manufacture,
  • its class, and,
  • wear rate.
The eleven-meter yacht manufactured in the 1990s can be purchased for 60,000 Euros.
A newer ship of a greater length and level of comfort will cost approximately twice as much. Large yachts with several cabins, designed for a long comfortable cruise of 10 or more people, can cost several million Euros.

When buying from a Croatian citizen, you will still have to pay VAT.

How to buy a yacht in Croatia?

Buying a motor yachtIn Croatia, yacht agencies and brokers offer yachts for sale. You can contact a company representative via e-mail, by phone, or contact the office directly.

Location of Yacht Brokers in Croatia:

  • Zadar,
  • Pula,
  • Zagreb,
  • Split,
  • Novigrad, and
  • Otočac.

You can find yacht agencies in all ports and major marinas of Croatia.

Today, there are many Internet services that offer not only rent but also the purchase of a yacht. Of course, you can use them and not come specifically to inspect the vessel, but it is very risky.

The procedure of buying a yacht

  • Pre-selection of a boat on the site of a broker or agency.
  • Meeting arrangement.
  • Meeting with a representative and inspection of the yacht.
  • Signing the agreement and making a deposit.
  • Requesting documents confirming the rights of the previous owner of the yacht, and payment of the entire amount after receiving thereof.

Now you need to re-register the yacht. First, the former owner de-registers it, and then the new owner registers the yacht.

Yacht Registration

You can register it under the flag of any state.

The Croatian flag is convenient because the state is part of the EEC, therefore the yacht will be able to freely enter any European port. If you purchase a yacht for renting, then it can only be registered under the Croatian flag.

Some prefer registering a vessel offshore. This option is attractive because of the preferential tax treatment in such zones.

For registration you need several documents:

  • Yacht certificate.
  • Certificate of deregistration.
  • Application for registration.
  • Copy of passport for individual owners or company registration documents.
  • Radio license or list of radio equipment.
The purpose of registration is to confirm the ownership.

It is better to entrust the filing of documents to a special agent. The whole procedure will take from several days to two weeks.

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Yacht maintenance costs

Yacht maintenance is similar to the maintenance of a car.

Mandatory expenses:

  • Insurance,
  • Mooring,
  • Depreciation, and,
  • Taxes.

In order for the yacht you bought to be in order and so that you could always go on a journey or rent it, you need to take care of it, so you may need a caretaker.

The main cost is the rental of a parking space in a marina. It depends on the location and the size of the yacht.

Approximate cost is 10,000-20,000 Euros per year, but it can reach 100,000 Euros. In general, the annual costs of maintaining your own yacht make up from 20% to 40% of its value.

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