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Castles of Slovenia

Slovenia is a fantastic country for a tired metropolis resident who wants to rest from the hustle and bustle. Just imagine the Alps, the Adriatic Sea, dense forests and the cleanest lakes, but this is not all, Slovenia’s castles which are incredibly numerous in the country, give a special magical atmosphere. Each castle is worthy of attention and will charms both the connoisseur of architecture and simple observer.

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International airports of Slovenia – map locations
Международные аэропорты Словении

An air gate is the main way of entering Slovenia for tourists. There are three international airports in this Balkan country. Even the names of the Slovenian airports have a national flavor.

We have collected the most complete information about the airports in Slovenia – addresses, phone numbers, distances to the nearest cities, and means of transport communication. We will also tell you about the base Slovenian airlines. Let’s go! How to get to the Slovenian lands of the Adriatic – three international airports of Slovenia →

Car rental in Slovenia: legal subtleties and national features of the “European village”
Аренда авто в Словении - Марибор

Imagine a country whose area is roughly comparable to half of Rome. We are talking about Slovenia. It seems that everything here is close by, but you cannot do without a car – there are many interesting things, and one is tempted to see more sights. We’ll show you what car rental in Slovenia is, will shed light on the local roads, gas stations and parking lots, determine the prices and will mention pitfalls, fines, customs of drivers, and documentation needed for rent. We will advise companies that you can contact and warn you about possible problems. Car rental in Slovenia – practical advice on car rental and car travels in this cozy country →

How to arrange a visa to Slovenia on your own: documents and requirements
Самостоятельное открытие визы в Словению


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Procurement of an entry visa through tour operators

When buying a voucher to Slovenia, people save a lot of time, since the authorized personnel is involved in the paperwork. In this case, instead of a letter of guarantee from the Slovenian party, a copy or original of the voucher is provided, indicating:

  • tourist’s passport data;
  • purpose of the trip;
  • the legal address of the hotel; and
  • the telephone numbers.

All documents are certified by the seal of the tour operator.

How to take a child to Slovenia?

If you plan to travel with a minor child, then the list above should also include:

  • original and copy of the birth certificate;
  • legally certified consent of the second parent (guardian).

If the mother (father) has all registered rights to the child, then noone else’s consent is required. Instead, a copy of the death certificate of the father or mother is provided, and a copy of the relevant document if the other parent has lost the right to foster the child.

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