Castles of Slovenia

Slovenia is a fantastic country for a tired metropolis resident who wants to rest from the hustle and bustle. Just imagine the Alps, the Adriatic Sea, dense forests and the cleanest lakes, but this is not all, Slovenia’s castles which are incredibly numerous in the country, give a special magical atmosphere. Each castle is worthy of attention and will charms both the connoisseur of architecture and simple observer.

Ljubljana Castle (Ljubljanski grad)

The Ljubljana castle is the most famous landmark of the capital, the medieval jewel, located right on the hill in the old town. You can climb the hill on foot, or using the funicular. Initially, it had been a fortress with different viewpoints to alert about the danger, and later, the castle housed a military barracks, and after that, it was the city jail. Now the castle is a favorite spot for tourists, offering an incredible view of the entire city.
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Otočec Castle

The Otočec Castle is located on a small island in the heart of the Krka River, 7 km from Novo Mesto. For centuries it had served a protective function, now it is considered to be one of the most beautiful and unusual castles in Slovenia. It is surrounded by the English Park overlooking the river, where the swans are splashing. Since the 14th century, the castle had passed from hands to hands from one noble family to another, resulting in the layering of different paintings and architectural styles. At that time, the castle owners began to rebuild it in a nobility manner, and it became more like a manor. During the Second World War, Otočec burned, in the 1950-ies it was abandoned, and then skillfully restored so that now tourists may not only visit the park and the castle but live there in a five-star hotel located on its territory. The castle often hosts workshops that tell about the medieval entertainment, traditions and help visitors to feel the spirit of that time.
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Predjama Castle

The Predjama Castle is one of the oldest in Slovenia; it is located in Predjama Grad with the cave tunnels and rocky ledges. The shape of the castle follows the contours of the rocks; the interior is stretched along a rocky wall. Parts of the castle look very ominous because some of the rooms were used for torture or as a prison ward. The castle has a lot of dolls-dummies, repeating the medieval inhabitants of the castle.

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