Danilovgrad — the town of ancient architectural masterpieces

Символ города Даниловград - монастырь Острог

A little Montenegrin town of Danilovgrad is located between the cities of Podgorica and Niksic in the middle of Bjelopavlići valley.

A little bit about the town’s history: it was founded by Prince Danilo and named after him. However

, Danilovgrad became an important center of Montenegro by the efforts of King Nikola I in 1870, not Danilo. Nikola I viewed Danilovgrad as a strategical center of the country.

In 1878 the town ceased its development and quickly lost its importance. At present Danilovgrad is a small cozy provincial town attracting foreign tourists by its with beautiful architecture.

  1. The most memorable feature of the town is its old buildings that it is full of. Those buildings are true architectural masterpieces.
  2. The most famous place of Danilovgrad is the sacred Monastery of Ostrog located quite close to it. It was built in 1671 on an almost vertical rock at unconceivable altitude.
The monastery was founded by Vasilije, the Metropolitan Bishop of Herzegovina. It is an incredible building comprising a church with mural painting and a cave.

Danilovgrad is also a nice place for winter holidays as it is surrounded by beautiful mountains of over a thousand meters of altitude.

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