Incredible Kotor

Что посмотреть в городе Которе

The town of Kotor is the center of mass tourism in Montenegro. It is located in the spectacular Bay of Kotor, and it will make you come back.

Kotor is a very famous port town with an intriguing history of famous merchants and seamen.There are buildings of mesmerizing beauty and fascinating history, ancient romantic streets, local people and their unforgettable cuisine, and traditional souvenirs. It is not without a reason that Kotor was also included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site list.

  1. Among numerous bright Kotor’s sights the most beautiful one is the St. Tryphon’s Cathedral towering over the center of the town. You will be surprised by the variety and abundance of art object there.
  2. A thing that is itself worth a visit to Kotor is the ancient wall surrounding the old town. Many tourists like to go for a walk around the wall — that is about 4 kilometers long.
  3. Nightlife fans would be content: Kotor is famous with numerous nightclubs, bars, discos, casinos, and other entertainments. What is more: the entrance fee is only 2 euros, and that makes tourists absolutely happy!

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