Plav — the Muslim center of Montenegro

Мусульманская мечеть в городе Плав Черногории

Little provincial town of Plav is one of few Muslim towns in Montenegro. This is a stunningly unique place. The majority of the town’s population are Albanians. Walking around the city you will notice that many administrative and advertising signs are in two languages.

No less unique is the atmosphere of the town. Walking along crooked streets after the dusk you will hardly see any women as all of them are already home by then. Sure, there are no women in a burqa on the streets, but European freedom of oneself inherent to Christian towns is absent.

Plav is located not far from Kosovo, and one can still distinctively feel a recent trace of war. Ruined houses are not a rare thing here.

However, it should be noted that the town is being repaired quite fast. It is totally safe for tourist and as of now demolished buildings only serve as a reminding of the recent war.

The most fascinating buildings of Plav are the Redzepagic Tower built of wood in XVII century, and a very refined mosque.

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