Podgorica — the majestic capital of Montenegro

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Podgorica is the main commercial, cultural and administrative center of Montenegro.

During the socialist period the city had the name of Titograd, however, after Montenegro had gained independence the historical name of Podgorica was returned to the capital.

The city was built in XIV century and first mentioned in writing in 1326. It is surrounded by five rivers: Zeta, Sitnica, Cem, Ribnica, and Morača.

Unfortunately, the World War II had not shown mercy on the city, and it was almost completely ruined. However, the administration had not given up hope and decided to rebuild the city anew. It is still being actively rebuilt.

The present-day Podgorica is a city with modern houses, administrative buildings, places of entertainment and green parks.

Podgorica is rich in historical sights and monuments:

  • One of the main places of interest and city’s honors in the Montenegrin National Theatre. It is widely known as one of the most beautiful buildings in the city. Its building was constructed in 1969, however, it burnt down in 1989 and was renewed only in 1997.
  • Another famous place of Podgorica is the marvelous Clock Tower.
  • The main street of Podgorica is the Hercegovačka Street offering a wide choice of luxury boutiques, bars, restaurants, stores, and cafes.

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