Six reasons to go to Albania right now


Albania is not quite a typical European country, able to calmly contain echoes of the past and the present, a country which combines the incompatible – Islam and Christianity. Modern equipped beaches and hotels are located in one part of Albania, and at the same time, the forests and cliffs untouched by man are located in the second part. It is the only European country where Islam is the prevailing religion. Here it is, Albania – the country about which many have heard, but very few people know anything. Here are six reasons to go there tomorrow!

It is still relatively unexplored European country

What do you know about Albania and the culture of this country? I bet almost nothing. You may have heard about the Albanian Riviera, but for the most part, this country is not known to anyone because of its bad reputation. They say that it is not safe there, people are robbed on the street, all the buildings were built in the era of communism, and everything is extremely gray and depressing.

However, time passes and things change for the better, and Albania is no exception. Yes, the infrastructure remains wanting, but there will always be someone who agrees to give you a lift in any place for just a couple of Euros!

Nice local people

Albanians are among the friendliest and most open people you can meet. You don’t even need to approach anyone to get to know each other; they will rather approach you, because the locals like to talk very much. Unfortunately, everything is difficult with English, not everyone understands it. Of the foreign languages, German is relatively popular here due to the fact that many people go to work in Germany.

Some of the best beaches in Europe

Albanian beaches are indeed among the best in Europe. Everyone will find something for themselves: a lot of sandy beaches, beaches with stones and others.

Low prices

If you want to travel, but do not want to spend a lot of money, then Albania is the most suitable option for you. Prices here are at least two times lower than in the rest of Europe. You can buy a coffee for only 1 Euro, and get to any point of the city, as mentioned above, for a couple of Euros. By the way, not only the local currency is used here, both Euros and Dollars are accepted in some stores and institutions.

A lot of unknown places

 Are you already interested to visit Albania? Excellent! Because there are other reasons to visit this wonderful country. If the reasons listed above are not enough for you… here’s the next one – after walking 15 minutes away from a large beach, you can find absolutely deserted places. What can be better than a deserted beach on the Adriatic coast with white sand?

Food, food, and once again food!

You can find here the Greek feta, gyros, and souvlaki since neighboring countries influence the local culture. In addition, here you can taste also Italian dishes, such as pizza, ravioli, lasagna, and much more.

Of course, the national Albanian cuisine also exists. Of the Albanian dishes, I advise you to taste schumlek (stewed meat with onions and spices), ferges (beef), rosto me salce kosi (lamb), tave kosi, and tave elbasani.


What to visit in Albania?


Albanian capital is one of the most “unvisited” capitals of Europe, and also one of the few European capitals where most of the inhabitants worship Islam. By the way, this is another reason making Albania a unique and interesting country!


It is a beautiful resort town that offers tourists some of the best beaches in Europe. It is full of great beaches for vacationers from different hotels, as well as small, cozy, and deserted beaches.



 It is a beautiful coastal town with a port that takes in all foreign vessels and ships. By the way, from here you can board a ferry to the Greek Corfu! It’s just a very cute town with beautiful bay, restaurants offering tasty dishes and interesting shops.


A historical place that Julius Caesar himself mentioned because of its excellent tactical location. You can visit here the Roman ruins with the old amphitheater and much more. It is easy to get to this place, both from Ksamil and Saranda.


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