Treasures of the Adriatic coast in the sights of Dubrovnik

Основные достопримечательности хорватского города Дубровник

Each year, over a million tourists come to Dubrovnik. Local booklets call it “the only one.” Perhaps they are right.

Dubrovnik is the most beautiful Croatian city, and in addition, it is included by UNESCO in the top three cities being the most beautiful monuments of the Renaissance in Europe (together with Amsterdam and Venice).

Bernard Shaw called this city “a paradise on earth.”

What is today’s Dubrovnik?

This is a city with a rich history on the Adriatic coast; therefore, today it can be called a museum with beaches. It is also a large port, which plays a significant role in the economy of Croatia, and a well-known and well-promoted international resort.

So, you should definitely come to this wonderful city and spend there at least a few days.

Get directions

Dubrovnik is located on the Adriatic coast near the border with Montenegro. It is the capital of Southern Dalmatia.

From Europe, it is best to get there by plane. There are regular flights between the cities, and in the summer season (June-September) charter flights take place twice a week. A direct flight takes 3 hours and 10 minutes, and costs from 100 Euros.

From Europe, you can fly to the Croatian capital Zagreb (in 3 hours), and from there you can get to Dubrovnik by local airlines (in 1 hour). The ticket costs a little more than 50 Euros. Local flights take place several times a day.

The airport is located 22 kilometers from the city. You can get from the airport to the city by bus for 45 HRK (about 6 Euros) or by taxi for about 200 HRK (about 26 Euros).

Famous sights of ZagrebResting in Dubrovnik, be sure to schedule a viewing of the sights of Zagreb, from where the real acquaintance with Croatia begins.
The Plitvice Lakes of Croatia is another place that cannot be ignored. Read details here. Locals call it “the eighth wonder of the world” for a reason.

Sights of the most beautiful city of Croatia

This amazing city has two treasures – the Old City and a piece of the Adriatic Sea, which was admired by the famous Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who called it the cleanest place where he had ever dived.

Dubrovnik is a resort city

The location of Dubrovnik on the map indicates that this place is simply created for sea and beach rest.

The most attractive beaches are located on the Lapad Peninsula. On the coast of the Lapad Bay, there are sandy beaches, but most of them are pebbly or concrete ones, but there is sand at the entrance to the sea.

The largest and most famous beaches of Lapad are:

  1. Copacabana, and
  2. Uvala.

These are small pebbled beaches with sand, which are a favorite vacation spot both for tourists and also for local residents.

The stony pebbled beach Kava is located near Copacabana.

The Neptune and President beaches, which are located opposite the hotels of the same names, also deserve attention. They are marked with the “Blue Flag” for the purity of sea water.

Dubrovnik is a perfect blend of historic excursion and carefree resort.
Sometimes, looking at photos of boats and yachts sailing along the waters of the Lapad Bay off the coast, it seems that they are flying through the air because the water is so transparent there.

All beaches are equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas. Everywhere you can ride:

  • water ski,
  • banana,
  • boat, and
  • take a boat trip by the sea.

Many beaches offer water slides for children.

Beach Polo competitions are organized on the Copacabana Beach, which also offers comfortable places for disabled people.

At night, it is best to stroll and have fun on the Bourbon Street, where you can find:

  • cozy restaurants and bars,
  • a high level of service,
  • a varied menu, and
  • very attractive prices.

Life on this beach continues at night in:

  • discos, and
  • night clubs.

These fun places will not let your guests get bored by offering a variety of entertainment programs.

Banje is another popular beach located very close to the historic part of the city.
It offers a magnificent view of the island of Lokrum and the city walls of Dubrovnik. This beach is also famous for its night club EastWest Beach Club which is often visited by world celebrities.

All of these and many other Dubrovnik beaches are free. Almost always there are a lot of people in these quite noisy and fussy places. If you want solitude, you can organize a vacation on paid beaches.

Dubrovnik is a city-museum

Dubrovnik abounds in various places of interest:

It will take several days to visit all of them, because everything is steeped in history in this medieval city, and every centimeter contains a work of art.

It is better to travel around Dubrovnik by bus.
Fortunately, they run from early morning until late evening and take you to all the major sights and entertainment centers.

Old city

It was here that almost all the sights of Dubrovnik gathered. It is surrounded by walls with many towers.

Dubrovnik - the sights of the Old TownThe entry of cars into the historic part of the city is prohibited because here you can safely wander among other tourists. A walk is the most suitable option for exploring Dubrovnik.

You will see:

  • narrow medieval streets,
  • old stone houses with red-tiled roofs,
  • churches,
  • museums, and
  • fortress walls.
Individual tours in Dubrovnik will present the city in all its diversity.

As a rule, a tour in Dubrovnik starts at the gate of Pila and the fortress, the walls of which began to be erected in the 14th century.

One of the fortress towers – the tower of St. Ivan – now houses the Maritime Museum.

Be sure to see the huge Onofrio fountain, walk along the main street of the Old City of Stradun.

Further – the Franciscan monastery follows. It is particularly interesting because one of the oldest pharmacies is located there (from the 14th century).

The Monastery of Ostrog in MontenegroVisit the famous Monastery of Ostrog in Montenegro.

Legends say that many people who had lost hope and faith find happiness here.
Extreme sports enthusiasts will be able to learn how to get to the canyon of the Tara River in neighboring Montenegro here.You will be impressed by its greatness. Read reviews about what you can see in Montenegro This information will help to make a complete impression of the most interesting places in this country.

In addition to museums demonstrating a huge number of works of art, Dubrovnik is interesting:

  • for its usual residential houses with arcades,
  • small squares with statues and fountains,
  • street cafes, and
  • small shops.

A walk along the ramparts will allow you enjoying the magnificent panoramas of the Old Town against the background of the blue sea.

Lush vegetation gives Dubrovnik a special flavor. Citrus, olive trees, almonds, cypresses, and rosemary grow in the local fertile climate.

A sightseeing tour of Dubrovnik with a guide takes 1.5-3 hours. There are guides who are fluent in many languages. When ordering an individual tour, you can create a program that will be the most interesting one.

The price of an individual sightseeing tour is 120-130 Euros. As a rule, the tour of the Old Town is included in any tour stay in Dubrovnik.

It is impossible to tell about all the attractions of this city – you must see everything with your own eyes.

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