Ancient Monastery of Ostrog

Обитель Святого Василия Острожского - монастырь Острог

Monasteries and churches are a special part of the historical heritage of Montenegro. These sacred places have a unique atmosphere of holiness and purity. The Old Monastery of Ostrog deserves a particular mention. Built in the 17 century, it is the most important religious place in the country.

The monastery is located high in the mountains on steep rocks. Its beauty is truly mesmerizing, and it is worth to pay a visit to.

This monastery is a sacred place as it is a reliquary of Basil of Ostrog hallows. The Montenegrins’ legends say it that Saint Basil watches man’s deeds and waits for him to go back to his roots.

The monastery complex includes a church and a cave.

It is believed that pilgrims can only purify their souls and bodies from sinful thought by walking all the way from Low to High part of the monastery.

People tell that if one believes strong enough, some real miracles can happen in the Monastery of Ostrog. This is a truly beautiful place visited by Orthodox, Catholics, Protestants, and even Muslims — everyone comes here in search of salvation for their souls and bodies.

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