The sights of Montenegro’s administrative centre Kotor

Котор - культурный и административный центр Черногории

Kotor is located in the Bay of Kotor and is an administrative, business, and cultural centre of Montenegro.

The historic part of the city is included in the World Heritage Site list of UNESCO. However, it was severely ruined during an earthquake in 1979. Later it was renovated, and now is again available to tourists.

  • One of the Kotor’s sights worth mentioning is the fortification system represented by a wall 20 meters high and about 4.5 kilometres long. It protects the city from the side of the sea. It is one of the most famous historic construction in the world.
  • While walking around the city you can see the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon (it is the symbol of the city).
  • Visit the St. Luke’s Church and the Church of Saint Anne.
  • Stop by the Duke’s Palace.
  • And see the Napoleon’s Theatre.
  • We also recommend visiting the city market for souvenir shopping.

Kotor is a unique city. Enjoy a walk along quiet streets, watch tourists taking pictures of old buildings, have a dinner in one of many cosy restaurants and relax.

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