Selecting what to see in Montenegro

Что обязательно стоит посмотреть в Черногории

Montenegro is known for its beaches on the Adriatic coast and luxury resort towns, but this is not all that you can see there.

However, a beach rest is not the only entertainment, there is a lot of interesting things for lovers of history and excursions.

Planning a sightseeing rest

Montenegro is a small country with a huge number of sights. If you wish, you can see the most famous and unusual of them during your vacation.

Wondering what is worth seeing in Montenegro, you need to decide what interests you most – a natural phenomenon or historical sites:

  • Natural phenomena is a trip to Lake Skadar, the Bay of Kotor, or the canyon of the Tara River.
  • Historical sites include sightseeing of Cetinje, the Lovcen Mountain, the Ostrog Monastery, and other places.

Going to Montenegro, it is better to know in advance what you need to see, as this will allow you to plan your trip in advance.

It is extremely difficult to decide what to see with children in order to interest them. In this case, it is better to focus on age. The best options are national parks, where you can walk through the clean forest and enjoy the natural views. It is much easier to think of what to see with a child if he/she is over 10 years old. You can take him on excursions to ancient sites or to museums; such a vacation will be interesting to him/her.

Montenegro at the beginning of OctoberThe perfect time for sightseeing – Montenegro in early October! This is comfortable weather for walking and low prices for the end of the tourist season.

Being in Montenegro, do not forget to buy prshut – see the article here to find out what is it.

It has long been a tradition, according to which travel agencies and local residents advise what to see, that is, a certain number of top places. In the summer it is easiest to decide what to see in Montenegro because at this time the weather allows you to look into every corner of the country, holidays and festivals are organized.

To make the right choice, it is better to read the reviews of tourists about what to see in Montenegro, and often they are accompanied by detailed stories with photos:

  • Andrey’s review about sights of MontenegroAndrew:
    “This year, my wife and I went to Bar in Montenegro. Most of the time we spent on the beach, but we decided to look into the Old Bar – the part of the city where nobody lives now. To be honest, I don’t like excursions; I’m always bored and annoyed by them because there are many tourists around. But everything is different here, there are few people, and there are no annoying guides. You can walk and watch everything you want.”
  • Oleg told us about what one can visit in MontenegroOleg:
    The Skadar Lake is my favorite place in Montenegro, which I recommend everyone to visit since it amazes with its natural world and picturesque landscapes. Here you can not only enjoy the views but also visit the monasteries near the lake. To feel the real romance, you can ride a boat (1 hour costs from 20 to 30 Euros).”

What to see in Montenegro when traveling by car?

A beach holiday for a few days may be annoying, so many tourists prefer to rent a car and explore the country. It is much easier, more convenient and cheaper than just going on excursions by bus with other tourists.

Having selected a trip by car, think about the route in advance.

Before traveling by car, you should think over the route in advance so as not to decide everything during the trip and not to lose time:

  1. You can just go to Cetinje and walk around the city, go to the Cetinje Monastery, enjoy the view of the streets, and buy souvenirs. Another advantage of this town is its calm and measured life which is not disturbed by crowds of tourists.
  2. Lovcen is located nearby, so it is not difficult to reach it by car from Cetinje. The beauty of this national park makes the hearts die, tourists come back here year after year.
  3. It is interesting that a serpentine road goes from Lovchen, which connects the park with the city of Kotor and the Bay of Kotor. In Kotor, you can walk around the Old Town, see the Kotor Fortress, and admire the small churches.
  4. It is worth visiting the Lake Skadar by car, but the driver should know that the road is narrow and very difficult; there is an uneven surface with grooves on the rocky terrain, many hidden ramps that can be easily missed, but sharp turns in the mountains and the absence of chippers are especially dangerous.
  5. By car you can also go to excursions to the beaches, that is, to visit several beaches in one day. You can wander through the sand, swim in the sea, and go to a cafe to eat.
The route to the sights of Montenegro can be very different. However, when preparing for it you need to remember the main rule – to visit places located next to each other, and not to try to go around the whole country at once, and, of course, remember the traffic rules and speed limits.

What to see in Budva?

What to see in Budva - the Church of Santa MariaThe main sight of Budva is the Old Town, built in the 15th century, and surrounded by a fortified wall. Old streets and houses in the Mediterranean style attract a huge number of tourists during the whole season.

Here you should definitely visit several great places:

  1. The Church of Santa Maria in Punta was built in the 9th century by Benedictine monks; in the 15th century it became the Franciscan church.
    During the seizure of the country by Napoleon, a stable was located here, but with the onset of peacetime, everything was restored. Now Santa Maria Punta delights tourists not only with elegant interiors but also with musical events that are held here during festivals.
  2. The Old Budva Citadel is another popular tourist destination, on its territory, there is a gallery, a museum of Budva, an observation deck where you can enjoy the views of the city, and a restaurant. It is especially interesting to visit the Citadel in the period from July to the end of August when the Grand Theaters festival takes place where theater groups, musicians, poets perform, and an exhibition of paintings by famous artists takes place.
  3. The Church of the Holy Trinity is located next to the Citadel. It was built from 1798 to 1804 from red and white stones. This monument of architecture attracts tourists by the iconography created by the Greek author Naum Zetiri.
  4. The Church of St. John is a Gothic-styled building of the Catholic Church, built in the 15th century. First of all, it delights with the rich finishing and interior decoration. Here is a rare collection of paintings and icons, and in the 19th century, the composition of the temple was supplemented by the bell tower.
  5. The Contemporary Art Gallery was built in 1972. The collection of 218 paintings includes works by artists from Montenegro of the former Yugoslavia, as well as canvases by Lindstro, an expressionist artist from Sweden, and Tabuccio, a Japanese painter.

Shopping in Montenegro – BarThe best shopping places of Montenegro – Bar, Budva and Podgorica are waiting for their customers.

Here is the information about the airport in the capital of Montenegro.

How is it better to plan a vacation with young children in Montenegro?

What to see in Bar?

Montenegro has a lot of places to see - view of the Old BarBar is one of the popular resort towns of Montenegro, which is also called the sunniest one. Resting in this city, you should definitely spend time on the Old Bar – the sight which used to be the center of the city, where most of the buildings became ruins now.

  1. In Old Bar, you should definitely visit the Citadel – the oldest building in the city, which used to serve as a guard and defense of the city. Here you can also enjoy the view of the abandoned city and the modern Bar.
  2. The sights of the Old Bar include the Clock Tower built in 1753, the ruins of the city gates, the Church of Katharina, the Cathedral of St. George, Aqueduct, the Church of St. Jovan, and the Omerbashichi Mosque.
  3. The new part of Bar has its own sights, the main one is the church of Saint Nikola, the ruins of the church of Justinian, the Roman emperor, the residence of the archbishop of the Catholic Church.
  4. You cannot limit yourself to an excursion in the city and visit its surroundings, see the Ribnjak Monastery in Zupci, the Bogorodice Ratačke Monastery, as well as the Dolní Brčeli and Horní Brčeli monasteries.

Montenegro is not only a beach, but also a sightseeing rest. If desired, you can participate in the programs that are arranged by local agencies, or rent a car and go on an exciting journey.

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