Sights of Maribor worth seeing

Maribor is a little thriving metropolis waiting for guests! Located on the Drava River, the city has become the home of European culture The sights of Maribor in Slovenia are in the old city, but the city is also full of new bars and restaurants, which makes it a “modern” place. The delightful old city has not changed for many years.

Maribor is a mountain city with a wine-making heritage

A walk along the river makes you feel the soul of this beautiful city. Sipping a glass of wine by the river, you can contemplate the idyllic sights of Maribor, which testify to a long history. Beautiful walks in the city center, a wonderful view from the hill and a trip along the promenade surrounded by the sights of Maribor are just the beginning of immersion in the atmosphere of this treasure!

Maribor is a quiet place compared to Ljubljana, but it is loved for this slow pace. Like in most European cities, there is an old city which is the central point of the second largest city on the map of Slovenia. Cobbled streets overlook delightful squares surrounded by beautiful buildings. Take your time and enjoy the sights of Maribor to the full!

Sights in Maribor

The sights of Maribor on the map are between the tops of the hills, the highest of which are the largest ski resort in Slovenia, where night ski slopes show the city in lights hundreds of meters below. Two indispensable sights of Maribor in Slovenia are the Gothic cathedral and the castle with a museum.

Sights to visit:

  • Old wine house
  • The central square of Maribor – Glavni Trg
  • Plague Colon
  • Museum of Local Lore
  • Maribor synagogue
  • Museum of Liberation
  • Water tower

Maribor is a place with a rich history, outstanding sights and a multicultural heritage. A place of amazing adventures, picturesque landscapes and some of the best Slovenian wines and cellars. The oldest living vine in the world (about 400 years old) is stored here.